Logs are a raw resource used in crafting; the raw material from which Wood Boards are created. These in turn are used to create tools, weapons, and building products. Logs are harvested from trees or dead Treants of the same name (Bark and Sap are other resources that can be harvested from trees).

Wood Boards are produced by the Gatherer, the Blacksmith, the Fletcher, and the Carpenter using the Lumbering skill at a Table Saw Station with a Wood Saw. They are used in Weapons, Shields, Tools, and Construction Materials.


The Woods, in order by tier, are:

Tier Name Min¹ Opt² Lowest Formula³ Portal Location
1 Cedar 1 200Beginner
2 Elm 200 425Beginner
3 Oak 400 650Journeyman
4 Maple 600 875Journeyman
5 Yew 800 1075Expert
6 Thornwood 1200 1600Master
  • East and southeast of Harro

¹Minimum skill to create this item. At this level, 5 logs are needed to create 1 board.

²Optimum skill to create this item. At this skill or above, 2 logs are needed to create 1 board.

³Lowest level formula in which the item appears.


Required skill is Lumbering.

Formula NameBeginnerJourneymanExpert
Formula: Wood Board1400800
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