Weapon Type: One Hand Crush
Damage Type: Crush
Range: Melee
Bulk: 32
Skill: Weaponcraft
Tool: Smithing Hammer
Dragon Ability: N/A
Machine: Anvil

Warhammers are held in the right palm in combination with a shield in the left palm. The character must have the appropriate One Hand Crush skill to wield the weapon.

Usable ByEdit

Warhammers can be used by: Cleric, Crossbowman, Elemental Archer, Guardian, Healer, Ranger, Scout, Warrior

Use RequirementsEdit

Bronze Warhammer7 - 9Melee4132550
Iron Warhammer22 - 26Melee403225250
Steel Warhammer36 - 42Melee393245450
Cobalt Warhammer49 - 57Melee383265650
Mithril Warhammer62 - 71Melee373265850
¹Adventure Current Level
²One Hand Crush Skill

Creation RequirementsEdit

NameResourceNeedMin SkillOpt SkillLowest Formula³
Bronze WarhammerBronze Bar18 - 950150Beginner Warhammer
Iron WarhammerIron Bar18 - 9250375Beginner Warhammer
Steel WarhammerSteel Bar18 - 9450600Journeyman Warhammer
Cobalt WarhammerCobalt Bar18 - 9650825Journeyman Warhammer
Mithril WarhammerMithril Bar18 - 98501050Expert Warhammer
³Lowest Level Formula in which it is found.

Starter WarhammerEdit

These Warhammers are sold by Imperial vendors to low level gifted to get them started.

Refurbished Bronze Warhammer6 - 8Melee4132550

Usable TechniquesEdit

These techniques can be applied to crush weapons.
Weapon Socketing
Techniques Kits
Ability: Power Strike
Ability: Smash
Adventure: Augmentation
Adventure: Blight
Adventure: Bow
Adventure: Crossbow
Adventure: Energy
Adventure: Flame
Adventure: Ice
Adventure: Life
Adventure: Mind
Adventure: Nature
Adventure: One Hand Crush
Adventure: One Hand Pierce
Adventure: One Hand Slash
Adventure: Spirit
Adventure: Two Hand Crush
Adventure: Two Hand Slash
Adventure: Unarmed
Armor Dye
All Weapon and Tool Dye Kits are useable
Defense: Parry
Statistic: Dexterity
Statistic: Focus
Statistic: Health
Statistic: Power
Statistic: Strength
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