Valor and Vigilance: Defend New Trismus is a Quest given by Steward Pratt McGrubben .


The undead of the New Trismus Deadlands have begun to move out of the blight and into the surrounding lands. Steward Pratt McGrubben is worried that if the undead are not contained, they may soon grow bold enough to attack the village itself!


  1. Talk to Steward McGrubben.
  2. Speak with Guard Barack at his camp near the New Trismus Deadlands.  The camp can be found by taking the road north out of the village.
  3. Kill five (5) of the Skeleton Patrollers in order to disrupt their patrol.
  4. Talk to Guard Barak and the Camp and tell him you have disrupted the patrol lines.
  5. Stop the raids on Guard Barak's camp. Defeat ten (10) Skeletal Raiders that are massing just before the gates to the deadlands to the north of the city.
  6. Report to Guard Barak. Let him know that the raiders have been demoralized.
  7. Follow Guard Barak's orders.
  8. Secure the gates to the New Trismus Deadlands. Kill the Gate Defenders! (4)
    The gate defenders are at the first building in the deadlands entrance. You can get there easily by climbing the hill at the back of the camp. Best way is to draw them one at a time, as they agro very easily and get help from the skeleton buddies!
  9. Take the note you found to Guard Barak at his Camp!
  10. Secure the gates to the New Trismus Deadlands. Kill at least 10 Gate Defenders so that the gates are secure for Barak and his men.
    As before, pull them one at a time.
  11. Proceed into the Deadlands and locate Urgat and his Apprentices! Defeat them all! They are likely found deep in the Deadlands. (5 apprentices)
    The zombie apprentices are generally rating 8/9 zombies. They are usually reasonably easy to kill, as there are no clerics in the area to help them out.
  12. Defeat the creature known as Urgat the Wicked
  13. You have defeated Urgat and his Apprentices! Return to the camp and tell Guard Barak of your deeds.
  14. Speak with Steward Pratt McGrubben in New Trismus
  15. Ask Steward Pratt about the strange key you found.
  16. Speak to Serena the Vaultkeeper about the strange key.
  17. Speak to Serena after she's had time to look through her vault.

Target MobsEdit


  • On speaking with Serena the vaultkeeper
  • 1 Bronze Chainmail Chestguard of Valor
  • 1 Bronze Platemail Chestguard of Valor
  • 1 Flaxen Cloth Tunic of Valor
  • 1 Rough Hide Tunic of Valor
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