Valkor The Impaler was once a revered member of the Paladin Order. Captured by the Withered Aegis along with his wife, both were tortured, and eventually his wife died. Valkor, upon seeing his beloved wife's death, vowed eternal vengeance upon Torrin Macalir and the rest of the Withered Aegis. Torrin then began to torture Valkor with magic, which warped and twisted Valkor's body, nearly destroying him. It instead turned him into a specter of death with a terrible thirst for the life force of others.

Valkor The Impaler is an epic monster that patrols inside his castle near Summit (24450,29078). The castle is guarded by Dark Stalkers and Night Stalkers, while Marrow Guards patrol near Valkor himself.


Combat TacticsEdit

Pulling outside of the castle is a safe method for killing Valkor. Since the way there is a bit long, be sure to hit him at least one more time while running, else he will loose aggro.

  • Pull strategy 1: Have more than 4k HP and use a ranged attack/debuff to aggro him, then get him out of the castle to the group. Have a healer wait for you infront of the group to heal up as soon as possible to not loose the puller's firepower.
  • Pull strategy 2: Pull Valkor and die by Vampiric Bats. A rezer should be around 30m backed up to rez you up and pull immediately, before Valkor is able to recast Multicast and Vampiric Bats.
  • Pull strategy 3: Use a Multicasted Dispel/Expulse, perferably also having Perfect Spell up to dispell Valkors Multicast, then run out to your group.

Take down Valkors guards first to lower the damage income. Dragons should use their Shield of Gold as the guards approach to lessen their heavy blows. Valkor himself is a pretty straight fight beside the fact he is using a Multicasted Vampiric Bats. This happens to do 4 x 1000+ damage to it's target which is most times a one shot. Be sure to dispell him regularly, use Dispirit Foe/Staggering Howl and stuns/mezes whenever you can. He is stunnable (when Fearlessness is not active), so Rangers and Druids are advisable. If he gets Vampiric Bats off again; heal, heal, heal.


Valkor The Impaler has a chance to drop the following:

Large Epic Crate
Medium Epic Crate
Blood Essence
Epic Token
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