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About me[]

Rvlion is the head of a family of dragons and biped servants currently living on Chaos under the banner of "Lion's Clan".

  • He celebrated his birth on Wind server.
  • He celebrated his adulthood on Unity server.
  • He celebrated his ancienthood and buying his lair on Chaos server after surviving the void for multiple years.
  • He celebrated his 2000 day anniversary on Chaos server (27 january 2010)

The family from oldest to youngest.

Name Status Adventure Crafting
Rvlion Ancient
  • LvL 100 Dragon Adventurer
  • LvL 100 Dragon Crafter
  • LvL 100 Dragon Lairshaper


Lost between Unity and Chaos

  • Unknown
  • Unknown
Gallinthus Hatchling
  • LvL 100 Dragon Adventurer
  • LvL 42 Dragon Crafter
  • LvL 40 Dragon Lairshaper
Lohasbrand Hatchling
  • LvL 3 Dragon Adventurer
  • LvL 3 Dragon Crafter
  • LvL 0 Dragon Lairshaper

Living only to serve:

Name Adventure Crafting
Sslion the Sslik
Scarabe the Saris

My contributions[]

My contributions are made mostly to any page related to dragons, having little to no experience in playing bipeds in general I have little to contribute in that area except making minor changes.

Future Projects[]