The most illustrious Thicklesip.

Started sometime after launch, played 2-4 years, quit another 3-4, tried it again. I'm in it for the dragons and the crafting, roughly in that order.


  • Any random dragon pages: skills, abilities, odd quests, etc.


Name (Shard) Race Adv. Craft Notes
Thicklesip (Order) Dragon DRAG 100 DCRA 100, DLSH 100 Current main
Veyith Leafspore (Order) Dryad Cleric, Druid Tailor The sparkly minion


Current goals include adding/fleshing out pages about whatever I look up that doesn't have enough info in the wiki to satisfy me; I'm also learning the fine art of "not inadvertently editing a page such that the formatting explodes into a thousand sorry pieces that will need half an hour of editing to clean up." (*stares guiltily at Swordmage*)

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