"Because I said so", Grulnar tells you. Who does he think he is, your mother? "Because I said so" only works for her. Well, at least it used to only work for here. But it is going to work for Grulnar too, as you are on your way to the Jade Golems field to kill 20 of them.
  1. Return to Grulnar, the Town Marshall of Dralk.

Town Marshall: Jaded Pockets is an Adventure Quest / Town Marshall Quest given by Grulnar of Dralk.

Quest Steps

  1. Kill 20 Jade Golems (can be found along the road at around 232/276, SWW from Kirasanct).
  2. Return to Grulnar, the Town Marshall of Dralk.

Quest Text

  1. Grulnar: "Southwest of the city, there is a valley where three roads converge. One of those roads leads directly south, out of the mountains. In that valley the Jade Golems are increasing their numbers. This is where I come in. Well, actually, this is where you come in for me. I want you to go down there and eliminate some of them. Why? Just because I said so. You don't need a better reason than that."
  2. (After killing 20 golems) That ought to be enough dead Jade Golems to please Grulnar. Return to him and claim your bri... errr, reward..
  3. Grulnar: "What, you're back? Does nothing kill or deter you? Fine then. Here's your reward. If you keep up with all this success you're going to wind up emptying my pockets. What's that look for? Yes I do have pockets, thank you very much, and no, I'm not going to show you where they are."
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