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Titles are special abilities, granting your character's name an additional suffix or prefix. Some of them also add bonuses to skills.


Titles are obtained through quest rewards (Emblem). Some of them are also bought from NPCs like Town Marshalls.

Available Titles[]

Title: A Reel Fisherman+40 FishingEarn Title: A Reel FishermanFishing 10,000 Trouts
Title: AFK Away from KeyboardGeoffCosts 250c
Title: Antidote Expert+50 AlchemyEarn Title: Antidote ExpertCreate 1,000 Greater Antidote
Title: Apprentice Fisherman+10 FishingEarn Title: Apprentice FishermanFishing 10,000 Minnows
Title: Avenger of the Iron Guard+50 One Hand Crush
+50 Two Hand Crush
+10 Damage
Earn Title: Avenger of the Iron GuardsKill 500 Corrupted Iron Guards.
Title: Balit's FriendKill the Werewolf Named Eyetooth
Title: Beetle Crusher+50 One Hand Slash
+50 Two Hand Slash
+50 Spirit
+15 Damage
Earn Title: Beetle CrusherKill 1,000 Brachina Beetles
Title: Beetle Squisher+10 Damage
+50 One Hand Slash
+50 Two Hand Slash
Earn Title: Beetle SquisherKill 500 Brachina Beetles
Title: Beetle Swatter+5 DamageEarn Title: Beetle SwatterKill 200 Brachina Beetles
Title: Champion of the Iron Guard+50 One Hand Crush
+50 Two Hand Crush
+10 Damage
+50 Spirit
Earn Title: Champion of the Iron Guard
Title: Chef+25 CookingRare Foods: Dinner? Impossible!
Title: Creepy Crawler Crusher+50 FlameEarn Title: Creepy Crawler CrusherKill 100 Carrion Crawlers
Title: Crystal-Smasher+2 DamageEarn Title: Crystal SmasherKill 50 Wrathful Azulars
Title: Defender of New TrismusValor and Vigilance: Defend New Trismus
Title: Defender of SslanisSslanis Militia: Assault on the Dead
Title: Defender of the Iron Guard+10 DamageEarn Title: Defender of the Iron GuardsKill 250 Corrupted Iron Guards
Title: Dung Eternal Stench+10 Damage
+50 One Hand Slash
+50 Two Hand Slash
+50 Energy
Earn Title: Dung Fighter Title the ThirdKill 1,000 Dung Piles
Title: Dung Reeking+10 Damage
+50 One Hand Slash
+50 Two Hand Slash
Earn Title: Dung Fighter Title the SecondKill 500 Dung Piles
Title: Dung Splattered+10 DamageEarn Title: Dung Fighter Title the FirstKill 200 Dung Piles
Title: Emblem of the Gifted+8 Strength
+8 Power
Trials of the Gifted
Title: Enemy of Automation+50 One Hand Crush
+50 Two Hand Crush
Earn Title: Enemy of AutomationFor killing 80 Warped Automatons.
Title: Enemy of Bioscholars+50 One Hand PierceEarn Title: Enemy of BioscholarsKill 100 Bioscholars
Title: Enemy of TechnomancersEarn Title: Enemy of TechnomancersKill 100 Technomancers
Title: Expert AlchemistSolistanLevel 100 Alchemist
Title: Expert ArmorerSolistanLevel 100 Armorer
Title: Expert BlacksmithSolistanLevel 100 Blacksmith
Title: Expert CarpenterSolistanLevel 100 Carpenter
Title: Expert ConfectionerSolistanLevel 100 Confectioner
Title: Expert CrystalshaperAratanoshLevel 100 Crystalshaper
Title: Expert Dragon CrafterSolistanLevel 100 Dragon Crafter
Title: Expert EnchanterSolistanLevel 100 Enchanter
Title: Expert FitterSolistanLevel 100 Fitter
Title: Expert FletcherSolistanLevel 100 Fletcher
Title: Expert GathererSolistanLevel 100 Gatherer
Title: Expert JewelerSolistanLevel 100 Jeweler
Title: Expert LairshaperRelstarothLevel 100 Lairshaper
Title: Expert MasonSolistanLevel 100 Mason
Title: Expert MinerSolistanLevel 100 Miner
Title: Expert OutfitterSolistanLevel 100 Outfitter
Title: Expert ScholarSolistanLevel 100 Scholar
Title: Expert SpellcrafterSolistanLevel 100 Spellcrafter
Title: Expert TailorSolistanLevel 100 Tailor
Title: Expert TinkererSolistanLevel 100 Tinkerer
Title: Expert WeaponsmithSolistanLevel 100 Weaponsmith
Title: Expert WeaverSolistanLevel 100 Weaver
Title: Exterminator+2 DamageEarn Title: ExterminatorKill 75 Ulmus Beetles
Title: Fisherman+20 FishingEarn Title: FishermanFishing 10,000 Bluegills
Title: Fly Swatter+2 DamageEarn Title: Fly SwatterKill 250 Muck Flies
Title: Forest Skulk Avenger+4 Damage
+20 One Hand Pierce
Earn Title: Forest Skulk AvengerKill 500 Forest Skulks
Title: Forest Skulk Slayer+4 DamageEarn Title: Forest Skulk SlayerKill 200 Forest Skulks
Title: Free GrantVault of Istaria: Conclusion
Title: Friend of the NorthAmtoo's Failure III
Title: Friend of the SatyrRelics of a Dead People
Title: Grand Master CrafterSolistanLevel 100 all Crafting Schools
Title: Grave-Digger+4 Damage against undeadEarn Title: Grave-DiggerKill 150 Tomb Guards
Title: Helian's Protector+20 Tooth and Claw
+20 Primal
Helian's Tomb: Final Desecration
Title: Hooked on Fish'+30 FishingEarn Title: Hooked on Fishin'Fishing 10,000 Bass
Title: Imperial Sell Sword
Title: InvestigatorVault of Istaria: Investigation
Title: Iron Confectioner+10 CookingThe Iron Confectioner
Title: Journeyman LairshaperRelstarothLevel 40 Lairshaper
Title: Keymaker+25 TinkeringEarn Title: KeymakerCraft 100 Adamantium Keys
Title: Keymaster+50 TinkeringEarn Title: KeymasterCraft 250 Adamantium Keys
Title: Kion MilitiaCarry Warnings to Other Militias
Title: Knowledge Seeker EmblemRelic Hunter: Learn about the Lost Settlement
Title: LFG Looking for GroupGeoffCosts 250c
Title: Lore MasterEarn Title: Lore MasterCreate 250 Dragon Journal Sets
Title: Lore SeekerEarn Title: Lore SeekerCreate 100 Dragon Journal Sets
Title: Master BuilderSolistanLevel 100 in 5 crafting schools
Title: Master LairshaperDaggle IronshaperLvl 100 Crystalshaper and Lairshaper
Title: Member of the Clerical Order+20 LifeThe Holy Symbols
Title: Myloc Hunter+10 Damage
+50 One Hand Slash
+50 Two Hand Slash
Earn Title: Myloc HunterFor killing 500 mylocs.
Title: Myloc Slayer+10 DamageEarn Title: Myloc SlayerKill 200 Mylocs
Title: Mylocs' Bane+10 Damage
+50 One Hand Slash
+50 Two Hand Slash
+50 Spirit
Earn Title: Mylocs' BaneKill 1,000 Mylocs
Title: Nemesis of the MylocsGaileach: The Myloc Queen (Part 5)
Title: Private of the Iron Guard
Title: Protector of the PastHoly Symbols: The Tomb of Ashlander
Title: PurifierEarn Title: PurifierCast 250x Cure Poison
Title: Relic Hunter+7 Damage against undeadEarn Title: Relic HunterCreate 50 Dwarven Relics
Title: Relic Protector+15 Damage against undeadEarn Title: Relic ProtectorCreate 100 Dwarven Relics
Title: Research Assistant
Title: Savior of the SatyrThe Satyr: The Machine of Inhibition
Title: Scorpion Hunter+50 One Hand Crush
+50 Two Hand Crush
+10 Damage
Earn Title: Scorpion HunterKill 500 Hunter Scorpions
Title: Scorpion Slayer+10 DamageEarn Title: Scorpion SlayerKill 200 Hunter Scorpions
Title: Scorpions' Bane+50 One Hand Crush
+50 Two Hand Crush
+10 Damage
+50 Ice
Earn Title: Scorpions' BaneKill 1,000 Hunter Scorpions
Title: Slayer of ChickensFarmer Idamon's Chicken Troubles II
Title: Spider Slayer+4 Damage against spidersEarn Title: Spider SlayerKill 150 Dark Crawlers
Title: Storm MasterStorm Disciple: The Way of Storm
Title: The Angler+50 FishingEarn Title: The AnglerFishing 10,000 Mackarel
Title: The JustPlundered Tombs: The Ritual of Eternal Rest (2)
Title: The PreservationistAratanosh: Memories of the Elders
Title: The Riddle Solver+10 FocusDaily Riddle: The Blacksmith and the Emperor
Title: The Shatterer+2 Damage
+20 Tooth and Claw
+20 Primal
Earn Title: The ShattererKill 100 Wrathful Azulars
Title: Treasure HunterEarn Title: Treasure HunterLoot 25 chests
Title: Treasure PlundererEarn Title: Treasure PlundererLoot 100 chests
Title: Unsung HeroDelgarath Militia Unsung Heroes
Title: Vandus Militia+4 Damage
+20 One Hand Pierce
+20 Ice
The Forest Skulk Threat II
Title: Wolf Hunter+10 DamageRanger: Wolf HunterRanger questline in Feladan