Tinkerers are a specialized craft school associated with the Blacksmith, though all the Outfitter and the Scholar also give some of the skills needed to join this distinct school. Tinkerers create gadgetry and items that channel the new fusion of machine and magic, referred to as Technology. They create fantastic items with a wide range of applications, though usually in an experimental nature.

Tinkerer InformationEdit

Requirements to JoinEdit


Tinkerer Trainer LocationsEdit

Noncas FizzlebotExpert
VersantoJourneymanNew Rachival23,15825,601

Expert Tinker Trainer is in Aughundell and is no longer in Tazoon

Level ProgressionEdit

Skill Name Per Level
Armor Use 7
Clothworking 8
Earthencraft 10
Ingenuity 10
Leatherworking 8
Metalworking 10
Salvaging 10
Sculpting 10
Tinkering 10
Transmutation 8
Woodworking 8
Skill Name Per Level
Dexterity 6
Focus 8
Health 5
Power 4
Strength 2
Ability (* = Masterable)Level Earned
Ingenuity I* 1
Earthencraft * 1
Ingenuity II* 20
Earthencraft II* 20
Gift Slots: Two* 25
Ingenuity III* 40
Earthencraft III* 40
Gift Slots: Three* 50
Ingenuity IV* 60
Earthencraft IV* 60
Gift Slots: Four* 75
Ingenuity V* 80
Earthencraft V* 80
Gift Slots: Five* 100
Ingenuity VI* 100
Earthencraft VI* 100

Task/Training QuestsEdit

Craft tasks require you to make the items after you get the quest. The best way to do this is to bring a load of the raw material to a trainer next to a refining machine, get the quest, make the item, greet the trainer (turn in), get the quest, and so on until the material is used up. Salvage quests work the same way.
Report tasks are delivery quests designed to show you where the Quartermasters are.
Earn Title: Keymaker100
Earn Title: Keymaster
Normand's Marvelous Invention30

Tinkerer FormulasEdit

Tinkerers do not have the skills to process raw materials, except for clay.

Armor FormulasEdit

Tinkerers can use:

Container FormulasEdit

Tinkerers can use:

Gadget FormulasEdit

Tinkerers can use:

Resource FormulasEdit

Tinkerers can use:

Tool FormulasEdit

Tinkerers can use: