The First Hunt II is a Quest given by Ssthar the Elder .

Quest TextEdit

Ssthar the Elder in Sslanis has offered you the chance to attempt the ritual of the first hunt. For generations, the Sslik have performed this ritual to prove they are capable of defending themselves. Should the need arise.


  1. Talk to Ssthar the Elder
  2. Kill (8) Jungle Crawler Soldiers in the Sslanis Jungle
  3. Kill (10) Jungle Crawler Hatchlings in the Sslanis Jungle
  4. Kill (6) Jungle Crawler Breeders in the Sslanis Jungle
  5. Collect (6) Thoraxes from Jungle Crawler in the Sslanis Jungle
  6. Return to Ssthar and tell the Elder of your success.
  7. Talk to Ssthar
  8. Travel to the ruined pyramid in the jungles North of Sslanis.

Target MobsEdit