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Steward Pratt McGrubben is the town Marshall of New Trismus.

He's tasked with assisting players who have completed the first tutorial islands.

History Edit

Early Life. Edit

Steward Pratt was the first member of his village to settle on New Trismus. Sometime after New Trismus was built, he became the villages Town Marshall.

Marriage to Eelanor Edit

Sometime later, he fell in love with the trophy hunter at the time Eleanor Tureheart. Together, they agreed to marry one another. During their wedding however, New Trismus was attacked by an unexpected wave of undead, ruining the couple's wedding. The village had also been destroyed.

Reconstruction Edit

The Steward and the rest of the New Trismus Villagers teamed up to rebuild their village. However they decided to built and a new location and leave the old village in ruins to serve as a reminder not to let their guard down. Steward Pratt also hired gnomes to help him rebuild New Trismus.


Wife: Eleanor McGrubben

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