This article is about the enemy named Spirit of Dralnok, for the NPC, see Spirit of Dralnok (NPC).

Spirit of Dralnok is the ghost of the former Dwarven King Dralnok Hammerfist that can be found beneath Dralnok's Doom, accompanied by Fallen Guards.


Combat TacticsEdit

If you are very careful and patient, you may manage to not pull the adds along with Dralnok, but it is most likely that you will. Make sure you retreat into a space away from the spawn before pulling so that no adds will join in mid-fight. Stun Dralnok and kill the adds first and then concentrate on Dralknok himself. It is suggested you bring a friend or two along to help in the battle, as it can be rough for the unprepared.


Spirit of Dralnok has a chance to drop the following:

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