Slash Commands are used within the game client to control different tasks without having to use the graphical interface.


  • Slash Commands can be used and combined on Hotkeys to automate tasks or interaction
  • Some control the game client's behavior and it's performance

Available CommandsEdit

Command Type Description


Guild Starts a guild creation process.

/guildAddmember <name>

Guild Adds a member to your guild. This command needs you to be authorized to invite members.

/guildRemoveMember <name>

Guild Removes a member from your guild. This command needs you to be authorized to invite members.


Guild Disband your guild.

/guildChat <text>

Chat Sends a text to you guild's chat channel.





/guildChangeRank <name> <rank>

Guild Changes a guild members rank. This command needs you to be authorized to change guild ranks.

/guildResignSteward <name>

Guild Removes the player to be a guild steward.

/guildMission <text>

Guild Adds a (new) guild mission text which is shown in the guild dialog box.

/guildURL <website address>

Guild Adds information about how to reach the guild website.

/guildName <name>

Guild Sets the guild's name.

/guildQuote <text>

Guild Adds a (new) guild quote text which is shown in the guild dialog box.

/guildMotd <text>

Guild Adds a (new) message of the day text which is shown in the guild dialog box.

/guildAssignSteward <name>

Guild Assigns a player as steward in the guild.


Guild Adds a guild point reward to a player. You may also add a reason.


Guild Invites a player to your guild.


Container Drops your cargo disc on the ground, or put it back up again.


Group Invites a player to your group.

/grouppromote <name>

Group Promotes a group member to group leader. Leaders may invite and kick other players, aswell as promote them.

/groupkick <name>

Group Kicks a player from your group.


Group Leave your current group.


Group Activates the LFG flag for your character. You're shown in the Player List as a player looking for a group.


Misc Sets your character to be 'Away From Keyboard'. Any incoming tells will be automatically answered so other players know you are not behind your computer at the moment.


Information Prints a short character information, showing the age in days and the days being in game.

/emote <type>
/em <type>

Misc Lets the character do a selected emote. Using the commands without a type prints out a list of available emote types.

/random <min> <max>
/ran <min> <max>

Misc Prints out a randomized number between the used min and max values. Using the command without values lets you roll a number between 1 and 100.

/assist <name>

Targeting Assist a player on his selected target, by selecting it for yourself. Use the command either by selecting a player or by writing his name behind.

/defend <name>


Targeting Target nearest resource or enemy.

/selectNearestResource <resource name>
/snr <resource name>

Targeting Target the nearest resource.


Targeting Target the nearest hostile.


Targeting Select the nearest corpse (good for looting).


Targeting Cycle through the nearest corpses. Selects every corpse being in the possible loot range (even better for looting).


Targeting Cycle through the nearest players.


Targeting Cycle through the nearest enemies.


Interaction Opens the loot box for the selected corpse.


Targeting Selects your character.


Targeting Selects the previous target you had selected.


Interaction Turns your character to the target you currently attack.

/selectGroupMember <number>

Targeting Selects the chosen group member.


Chat Write something in the local chat (readable by others standing around you)


Chat Write something in the local chat (readable by others, even when a bit further away)

/tell <name> <text>
/send <name> <text>
/t <name> <text>

Chat Sends a private message to a player.

/reply <text>

Chat Replys with a message to the last player you've received a private message from.

/alias <name> <function>

Misc Creates a slash command alias. Refer to the details section below for further details.

/group <text>
/g <text>

Chat Sends a message to the group chat.


Misc Prints out a list of available slash commands.

/chat <channel> <text>

Chat Sends a message to the specified chat channel.

/chatinvite <channel> <name>

Chat Invites a player to the specified chat channel.

/chatban <channel> <name>

Chat Remove a specified player from the chat channel. You must be administrator to be able to.

/chatjoin <channel> <password>

Chat Join a specified chat channel. If a password is needed you may provide it, too.

/chatpromote <channel> <name>

Chat Promote a specified player to chat administrator.



/chatadvancetab <number>

Chat Activate the specified chat tab, where 1 is the most right tab.


Misc Binds your character to the selected shrine.


Misc Recalls your character to the shrine you are bound at.


Interaction Greets the selected NPC and opens a chatbox, Containing what he has to offer to you (Quests, Lore,..).

/who <name>

Misc Opens the Player Search dialog box. Providing a valid player name will list that player automatically, as long as he is online and visible.

/ignore <name>

Misc Adds a specified player to you ignore list. This prevents the player to get into contact with you. You will also not read any further chat messages from the ignored player.


Interaction Starts gathering a resource.

/petition <text>

Misc Sends a petition the the game masters.


Information Prints a small debugging information about the server and your connection to it.


Misc Logs you out of the game.


Misc Stops a running log-out process.


Camera Resets your camera view to the default.

/wait <seconds>

Misc Waits for the specified amount of seconds before doing something else. Useful for customized hotkeys.

/select <name>

Targeting Selects the specified player.


Interaction Start following a selected player.


Interaction Stop following a player.


Interaction Sit down. Grants a faster regeneration rate.


Interaction Attack a selected target.


Interaction Stop any action you're currently doing (cast spells, melee, gathering,..)


/spell <name>

Interaction Casts a specified spell.

/drop <name>

Interaction Drops an item from your inventory.


/useitem <name>

Interaction Use the specified item.


User Interface Saves the user interface layout manually to the games' prefs folder. This is automatically done when you log out of the game.


User Interface Loads the user interface from your prefs folder. This is useful when your hotkeys are broken/not anymore useable.

/window <name>

User Interface Opens the specified window.


User Interface Opens the Launcher List (Blue Orb).

/hotkey <number>

User Interface Trigger the selected hotkey from the primary hotbar.

/hotkeyBank <number>

User Interface Load the specified Hotkey Bar into the primary bar.



User Interface Closes the last window you opened.


/showAllTooltips <on/off>

User Interface Sets the tooltips to be shown or not.


User Interface Toggle the user interface, so that you can see all of Istarias beauty. Good for fullscreen screenshots.


Interaction Repeats your last action.

/setPref <name> <value>

Game Client Sets a specified client preference to the specified value. For further details on using this command, please refer to the details section below.


No Effect.


No Effect.


Information Prints out a status of current triangles from the graphic enginge.


Misc Save a screenshot. The file is saved into the game's screenshots folder.


Game Client Activates the client's wire frame mode.


Game Client Activates the client's (normal) filled frame mode.

/fps <number>

Game Client You may set the FPS (frames per second) limit of the game client to another limit (default appears to be 20). This option does set the Limit but it could not be confirmed if the client does really react on the change, besides showing it in the FPS-window.

Values can vary between 1 and 80 (above 80 the fps window stays empty which looks like a bug)


User Interface Activates/deactivates the compass.


Information Prints details about your position in the world of Istaria.


Information Prints sector details about your character in the world.


User Interface Resets all tutorials to the initial state.


Game Client

Reinitializes the game's sound manager. Useful if your client looses the ability to play any sound. Also useful if an ambient sound gets stuck in a loop and you wish for it to stop.



Reloads the Idle Anim def file. More information on Idle Animations can be found here.



Resets the Idle Anim to beginning.

/testAnimDefer <state name>
[list blend factor, 0-1]


Sets the current animator to the specified animation state, deferring if already busy.

/playSound <sound name>


Plays back the specified sound.



Converts an image to AGH format. Useful for the process of modifying in-game textures.



Converts an image to AGH format with DDS compression.

<new current time, new length of day>

Game Client

Set the time of the day. Measured in seconds. A default day length is 3600.

<uniform scale> or <x> <y> <z>

Game Client

Sets the scale of the player's character model or that of the currently selected entity.


Game Client

Purges all texture and image resources for immediate reloading.

/alias detailedEdit

The /alias slash command is used to create alternative slash commands for existing ones. You can:

  • Shorten an existing slash command for less typing
  • automate actions you want to perform, such as your own emote texts

Enlist existing aliasesEdit

Using /alias without any parameters will enlist all existing aliases

Create an aliasEdit

The alias call is pretty simple: /alias <name> <command> You can define whatever you want on the name, though the command is a bit more complicated.

  • If you want to execute a slash command, keep in mind that you must not add the slash infront of the command.
  • add a blank behind the command, else the alias will not work

How to removeEdit

Removing is pretty simple. Just type /alias <name> and the specified alias is removed.

Known bugsEdit

Since most players are crashing out of istaria on a regular basis, be aware that newly created aliases are not stored when you crash. If you want to create aliases you should safely log out of the game and log back in to store them permanently.


  • "/alias w who " shortens the /who slash command to /w. Also works with parameters, i.e. /w <player>
  • "/alias grt em greets everyone and blinks." Do an emote when calling /grt
  • "/alias grp em smiles at %t% and bows deeply." Do an emote and use a parameter in it

/setpref detailedEdit

You can change game preferences by using the "/setpref" command such as: "/setpref environmentsystemeffects true". These commands can be run in-game from any chat window.

combatspelleffects true false Turns the combat spell effects graphics on or off
developer true false Enables/disables developer mode.
displayFloatingNames true false Turns floating names on or off
enableCameraCollision true false Enables / disables the camera's ability to clip through objects.
environmentsystem true false This no longer controls weather and sky. This simply controls the "invisible light" that causes correct shadows on cliffs and hill sides. This should never be disabled. You'll want to use environmentsystemEffects for this now.
environmentSystemEffects true false Enables / disables fog and sky animation for performance. Turns the environment system on or off (such as weather effects like rain and snow)
flyOnFall true false Enables / disables gliding or flying when falling.
maxframerate <framerate> Set the maximum allowed framerate
modesty true false Removes undergarments
muteEmotes true false Enables / disables the sound effects for emotes
useLoadingScreen true false Enables / disables the loading screen that appears when players use travel gates. Disabling this option can make porting quicker, as you don't have to wait for all the graphics to load before walking/running/flying anywhere.
useLowestLevelShader true false

/window detailedEdit

window FPSWindow Displays the Frames-Per-Second window
window lagWindow Displays the lag window
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