Skeletal Protectors are a type of Skeleton that can be found south of Parsinia.



Skeletal Protectors have a chance to drop the following:

Antiquated Dagger
Antiquated Spear
Beginner Armor Ring
Beginner Chainmail Belt
Beginner Chainmail Bracer
Beginner Fine Hatchet
Beginner Fine Reinforced Round Shield
Beginner Fine Short Spear
Beginner Focus Earring
Beginner Platemail Helm
Beginner Power Chest Scale
Beginner Power Necklace
Beginner Spell: Blight Ward
Beginner Spell: Earthen Crust
Beginner Spell: Enhance Strength
Beginner Spell: Lessen Dexterity
Beginner Spell: Thunder
Beginner Spell: Warped Perception
Beginner Stone Reaping Potion
Beginner Wood Transmutation
Blessed Trinket
Brass Bell
Brass Coffer
Brass Scepter
Brass Urn
Bronze Metal Nugget
Cedar Wood Strip
Cracked Bronze Battle Axe Blade
Craft: Enchanter's Boon
Craft: Gatherer's Boon
Craft: Mason's Boon
Craft: Tailor's Boon
Dented Bell
Ectoplasmic Residue
Ethereal Trinket
Exquisite Earring
Ornamental Spear
Priceless Earring
Refurbished Bronze Bastard Sword
Refurbished Bronze Gladius
Refurbished Bronze Platemail Belt
Refurbished Bronze Platemail Helm
Refurbished Bronze Short Spear
Refurbished Cedar Composite Longbow
Refurbished Fine Bronze Long Spear
Refurbished Fine Bronze Maul
Refurbished Fine Cedar Longbow
Refurbished Fine Cedar Quarterstaff
Refurbished Flaxed Padded Boots
Refurbished Flaxen Padded Sleeves
Refurbished Flaxen Padded Wristband
Refurbished Rough Leather Tunic
Rough Leather Band
Scale Hardener: Bronze
Shiny Trinket
Skeleton Rib Bone
Skeleton Thigh Bone
Spell: Blight Damage I
Spell: Blight Poison I
Spell: Covalence I
Spell: Flame Damage I
Spell: Gale I
Spell: Life Range I
Spell: Numbing I
Ability: Power Shot I
Defense: Energy Resistance I
Defense: Life Resistance I
Defense: Nature Resistance I
Defense: Pierce Resistance I
Defense: Spirit Resistance I
Adventure: Ice I
Adventure: Mind I
Adventure: Nature I
Adventure: One Hand Slash I
Adventure: Tooth and Claw I
Refurbished Bronze Hatchet
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