Allows dragons to use primal magic which has a variety or arcane and mystic effects.

Lore Edit

"Primal magic" is called that because it existed first. It is the raw magic from which Istara formed the world. Drulkar manifested in the Prime in order to bring his people through from the Realm of Fire, and the form he chose, the dragon, established the form his people would take. Dragons, as a race, were formed by and of Primal magic as part of assuming physical form.

The other races appeared well after Istaria was created, and thus were subject to Istara's design decisions. Non-dragons cannot use Primal because it is outside the laws that give them life.

However... (And here I can't resist pulling the curtain back a little)

Dragons have, in the past, learned to use biped magics. Most of the time, these dragons have died under the claws and flames of an angry mob...

Attribute GainsEdit

This skill is affected by Attributes.

Dexterity Focus Power Strength
0% 50% 50% 0%

Used InEdit

Rank is the skill increase gained per level.

School Rank
Dragon Adventurer 8

Spells Edit

The current list of Primal spells are:



Stats IncreasersEdit

Ward Increasers Edit

Monsters Ward Decreasers Edit

Total Spell List Edit

NameSpell Type
Arcane RefusalBuff
BarrageArea damage
BlastArea damage
BreezeHealing over time
Countercheck PrimalBuff
Drain BoltDamage
Gift of VelocityFly Speed Buff
Grazing WindsDebuff
GustArea damage
Ignore MysticismBuff
Improved Prime BoltRanged Damage
Novice Breeze I
Novice Gust I
Primal AttackBuff
Primal BurstDamage
Primal ChainsDebuff
Primal Combust
Primal HealthInstant Healing Spell
Primal Spark
Primal Strike
Prime BoltRanged Damage
Promote IntellectPower and Focus-buff
Promote VitalityStrength and Dexterity-buff
Quickening BreezeHealing over time
Rejuvenating BreezeHealing over time
TempestArea damage
True GritArmor and Health-buff
Unrelenting Winds

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