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To Be Added / Suggestions for the Archive Edit

  • Terreflare Mod! - Terreflare made a mod for dragon armor and coloring, check it out!
  • AGH Viewer - Lets the user view AGH files to modify textures!
  • Rift Map - Gives you a rift map you can open outside of the game so you don't get lost.

Regicide Mask ModsEdit!uYcyVQwD!f4YFIGqZUk_54x1XI9JjXmKMA_5V3KR01LML2iZPi5s!Gc81wLoR!aAWYfhBVCoVaaXt65IH5KgCqzi49s8r-TSCJP7H3dz4!7VNkCQaD!TxcbVgdmOezBaAhRGfMrNyqU1bwPFKOqxObrY3MNrno

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