When the adventurers and tradespeople of Istaria need something to wear, they will often turn to an Outfitter for their needs. Outfitters are a diverse lot, studying the trades of Armorcraft and Tailoring. Outfitters also have basic knowledge of metal and organic resource gathering, as well as resource processing. Outfitters are one of the three basic craft schools available to anyone in Istaria.

Outfitter InformationEdit

Outfitter TrainersEdit

Frida DesloJourneymanMahagra23,78730,511
JohaldNew Trismus45,97614,392
KimmerJourneymanNew Rachival23,14225,564

Level ProgressionEdit

SkillPer Level
Armorcraft 8
Armor Use 7
Clothworking 8
Foraging 7
Ingenuity 10
Leatherworking 8
Mining 7
Smelting 8
Spinning 8
Tailoring 8
Tanning 8
StatPer Level
Dexterity 8
Focus 3
Health 5
Power 3
Strength 6
Ability (* = Masterable) Level Earned
Foraging I* 1
Ingenuity I * 1
Mining I* 1
Foraging II* 20
Ingenuity II * 20
Mining II* 20
Gift Slots: Two* 25
Foraging III* 40
Ingenuity III * 40
Mining III* 40
Gift Slots: Three* 50
Foraging IV* 60
Ingenuity IV * 60
Mining IV* 60
Gift Slots: Four* 75
Foraging V* 80
Ingenuity V * 80
Mining V* 80
Foraging VI* 100
Gift Slots: Five* 100
Ingenuity VI * 100
Mining VI* 100

Outfitter Task/Training QuestsEdit

Collection tasks require you to have the item collected in your inventory but do not require you to get the quest first. This means, for example, you can bring 200 Animal Hides to the trainer, get the quest, immediately do the turn in (Greet the trainer), get the quest again, do the turn in, and repeat twice more without moving from the trainer.
Craft tasks require you to make the items after you get the quest. The best way to do this is to bring a load of the raw material to a trainer next to a refining machine, get the quest, make the item, greet the trainer (turn in), get the quest, and so on until the material is used up.
Report tasks are delivery quests designed to show you where the Quartermasters are.

Levels 1-9Edit

QuestMin Level
Gravus' Quest: Outfitter Part I1
Gravus' Quest: Outfitter Part II1
Gravus' Quest: Outfitter Part III1
QuestMin Level
Outfitter: Replenish The Village's Stock of Flax Spools1
Outfitter: Forest Walkin In Style5
Outfitter: Excess Shoulders5
Outfitter: Shouldering the Load5
Outfitter: Rough Around The Waist5
Outfitter: Unsinged Fingers5
Outfitter: Embracing the Hide5
Outfitter: Give Ringmail Boots The Boot!5
Outfitter: Keeping Up With the Pants5
Outfitter: Belts of Bronze5
Outfitter: A Shoulder To Cry On5
Outfitter: Replenish The Militia's Stock of Gauntlets5
Outfitter: A Need for Wristbands5
Outfitter: Bracing the Ringmail Bracers5
Outfitter: Rough Day's Work5
Outfitter: Arming Your Arms With Ringmail5
Outfitter: These Boots Were Made For...5
Outfitter: Surplus of Bronze Helms5

Levels 10-19Edit

QuestMin Level
Outfitter: Speak with Bolo in Kion10

Levels 20-29Edit

No quests found

Levels 30-39Edit

No quests found

Levels 40-49Edit

No quests found

Levels 50-59Edit

No quests found

Levels 60-69Edit

No quests found

Levels 70-79Edit

No quests found

Levels 80-89Edit

No quests found

Levels 90-99Edit

QuestMin Level
Learn to Process Kwellen Hide90

Quests requiring or using Outfitter resources/productsEdit

Outfitter FormulasEdit

Basic Resource FormulasEdit

Outfitters work in:

Armor FormulasEdit

Outfitters can use:

Container FormulasEdit

Outfitters can use:

Resource FormulasEdit

Outfitters can use:

Weapon FormulasEdit

Outfitters can use:
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