Nuthala is a gifted-owned city on the west coast of Lesser Aradoth. It is just off the main road from Parsinia to Sslanis. The nearest portal is Parsinia. Approaching the town from the north (Parsinia) is safe but the road south is plagued by Weaker Sslik Skeletons, including some named, and by Sandstone Pebble Golems. The road east has Bronze Golems and Sandstone Golems.

Nuthala is generally classified as a T1 city, as it is close to a number of T1 Resources. Above Nuthala to the east is a meadow with Dim Wisp and Residue and deer. There are world Essence Channeler and Leatherworking Shops there as well. A vast Sandstone field lays just to the south with a Stoneworking Shop and a large amount of Copper and Tin ore lies to the east. However, the stone and metal are infested with golems.

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