Summons and controls the power of nature to damage enemies with storms and heal and help allies.

Attribute GainsEdit

This skill is affected by Attributes.

Dexterity Focus Power Strength
30% 40% 0% 30%

Used InEdit

Rank is the skill increase gained per level.

School Rank
Druid 10
Shaman 10
Storm Disciple 10
Guardian 7
Ranger 7

Spells Edit

NameSpell Type
Dark CycloneDamage
Earthen CrustProtection
Ensnaring RootsDamage
Improved Lightning BoltDamage
Lightning BlastDamage
Lightning Bolt
Lightning StormDamage
Nature ResistanceProtection
Nature WardProtection
Novice Revitalize I
Patch of BrambleDebuff
Shocking BlastDamage
Stone FistDamage
Thunder Cloud I
Thunder Cloud II
Thunder Cloud III
Thunder Cloud IV
Thunder Cloud V

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