Metal Bars are a refined resource used in crafting, refined from Metal Ores. They are produced by any players with the Smelting skill at a Smelter or Dragon Scale Forge. The tools used to create them are Smelting Tongs or the Dragon Smelting ability.

These bars are used to create:

Metal Bars Edit

NameMetal OreFormulaMin SkillOpt Skill
Bronze BarCopper and Tin OreBeginner Metal Bar1200
Iron BarIron OreBeginner Metal Bar200425
Silver BarSilver OreBeginner Metal Bar200425
Steel BarDark Iron OreJourneyman Metal Bar400650
Gold BarGold OreJourneyman Metal Bar400650
Cobalt BarCobalt OreJourneyman Metal Bar600875
Platinum BarPlatinum OreJourneyman Metal Bar600875
Mithril BarMithril OreExpert Metal Bar8001,100
Adamantium BarAdamantium OreMaster Metal Bar1,0001,325

Uses Edit

The metal bars, in order by tier, are used for the following purposes:

Tier Name Use
1 Bronze
2 Iron
2 Silver
3 Steel
3 Gold
4 Cobalt
4 Platinum
5 Mithril
6 Adamantium