Leather is constructed from animal hides treated with tannin. Tannin is made from boiled tree bark and water adding durabiltiy and longevity to the armor.

Leather Armor

Male Gnome in Jasper colored Leather armor

Level RequirementsEdit

Type Min. Current School Level Min Armor Use
Rough Leather 11 110
Tanned Leather 31 310
Hardened Leather 51 510
Reinforced Leather 71 710
Essence Leather 91 910


Skill Required: Tailoring

Formula NameBeginnerJourneymanExpert
Formula: Leather Belt100 500 900
Formula: Leather Boots140 540 940
Formula: Leather Bracer110 510 910
Formula: Leather Cap120 520 920
Formula: Leather Gloves150 550 950
Formula: Leather Leggings180 580 980
Formula: Leather Mask160 560 960
Formula: Leather Shoulderpad130 530 930
Formula: Leather Sleeves170 570 970
Formula: Leather Tunic190 570 990
Formula: Invisible Leather Cap120 520 920
Formula: Invisible Leather Mask160 560 960

Usable ByEdit

Leather Armor can be used by: Battle Mage, Berserker, Chaos Warrior, Cleric, Crossbowman, Druid, Elemental Archer, Flame Disciple, Guardian, Healer, Ice Disciple, Knight of Creation, Monk, Paladin, Ranger, Reaver, Scout, Shaman, Spearman, Spirit Disciple, Storm Disciple, Warrior