Kerian's Quest: Prove Your Crafting Skills! is a Quest given by Kerian .

Kerian is the official Helian Craft Trainer for hatchlings on the Island of New Trismus. In order to prove yourself worthy of additional training, Kerian has asked that you craft ten sandstone spell shards.

Quest TextEdit

Good, good. First, I must ensure that you have the necessary knowledge for what lies ahead of us. The first thing you must do is prove to me that you know how to create Sandstone Spell Shards. There is a sandstone formation on the other side of this hill my cave is beneath. To reach it, go back up the road to New Trismus. Then follow the path through the village, past the shrine and the vault, past the cows, and through the fax field. There, next to a shallow pond you will find sandstone and the machines to process it. Go there and create ten spell shards before returning here to me.

Here's a formula for making spell shards, in case you didn't already have one. Spell shards require sandstone bricks, so gather lots of sandstone.


  • Locate the Sandstone Fields (near the pond)
  • Create ten sandstone spell shards
  • Take the Spell Shards back to Kerian


  • Coin: 1s
  • Craft Experience: 100
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