Kerian's Quest: Learn How To Technique A Claw! is a Quest given by Kerian .

With your recent success, kerian wants to show you how techniques work, instructing you to create a techniqued claw.

Quest TextEdit

Welcome Back, young one. You are progressing well and I can see that you may indeed one day make your mark upon drgonkind. And I intend to help you on that path! The next thing to learn is how to technique your claws. Techniques are extra modifications you can apply to some types of scales, spells, and claws. They can add extra benefits, helping improve your skills, the damage you can inflict upon your enemies, and many other types of effects.

You have reached the point at which you need a new set of claws, playername. But before you run off to make a new set, let me teach your how to add a technique to them. First, for this technique we will need two new types of resources that you have not utilized before. The first are called Dim Essence Orbs, the second is a Loricatus Beetle Carapace. Let us create the orbs first. You will need this formula to process the essence into orbs.

Dim Essence is gathered from Dim Wisps which can be found on this island. The essence is then processed into Orbs which we will use to apply techniques. Every technique requires the addition of Orbs... It works as sort of a magic catalyst and binding agent all in one. On the island of New trismus, the Dim Wisps are located near the base of the waterfall. First, locate the pond near the sandstone. The water from the pond flows off the edge of the hill, to a small clearing below, and then finally flows into the sea.


  1. Listen to Kerian.
  2. Locate the Pond near the Sandstone. You are awarded 100 craft experience for finding the location.
  3. Locate the Base of the Waterfall. You are awarded 100 craft experience for finding the location.
  4. Create 4 Dim Essence Orbs.
  5. Return to Kerian with the orbs.
  6. Locate the Windmill. You are awarded 100 craft experience for finding the location.
  7. Locate the Beach around (45564/14230). You are awarded 100 craft experience for finding the location.
  8. Loot a Loricatus Beetle Carapace. (Kill Loricatus Beetles found on the beach until a Loricatus Beetle Carapace drops.)
  9. Return to Kerian with the Carapace.
    One Adventure: Dragon Breath I technique is provided to you.
  10. Return to Kerian after you have created a Techniqued Malachite Dragon Claw. You will need to gather Malachite and Bronze Bars to complete it.

Target MobsEdit


Step 2:

  • Adventure Experience: 100

Step 3:

  • Adventure Experience: 100

Step 6:

  • Adventure Experience: 100

Step 7:

  • Adventure Experience: 100

Step 10:

  • Craft Experience: 600
  • Adventure Experience: 400
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