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The Istaria Wiki, founded in March of 2008, is a collaborative online resource all about Istaria: Chronicles of the Gifted. There are 6,444 articles, with a total of 67,775 edits. With this many pages, there are bound to be many areas where one can contribute! Feel free to join in and help our wiki become one of the best sources for Istarian information.

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What Is Istaria? - Game Overview

What Is Istaria? - Game Overview

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Reklars Reclamation
17th October 2017
Reklar's Reclamation is now live! With it comes changes to the Fall Festival, Reklar's fortress, the Knight of Creation school, and much more.
Check the Patch Notes page for more recent update information.
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Hello! If you're new to Istaria as a whole, be sure to check out the guide to getting started. Here are some other useful links you may be interested in as a player new to the game:

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