Imperial Outpost is fort built by the Empire South-East of Old Oaks. You can only receive attunement to the destination pad if you are level 100 in either Craft of Adventure. Furthermore, you need to travel to the Imperial Outpost via Aughundell.


NPC NameSchoolLevelXY
Scout BurrisScout27,45224,283

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Imperial Army: Disturbances IScout Burris85
Imperial Army: Disturbances IIScout Burris85
Imperial Army: Disturbances IIIScout Burris85
Imperial Army: Stop the Kwellen RaidsScout Burris100
Ranger: Envenomed Arrow IIIRangerJacinda the Eagle-Eyed100
Imperial Army: Protect Harro From A New MenaceLord-Commander Jatell100
Imperial Army: Investigate the Source of the RaidsScout Burris100
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