Hermey The Misfit Gnome is a Quest given by Hermey Misfit Gnome .

This quest is part of the seasonal Gnomekindle christmas event.

Quest TextEdit

Hermey the Gnome thinks that Gnomekindle is missing an element of class. He asks the players to talk to the classiest race he knows, the Elves.


  1. Talk to Hermey.
  2. Travel to Feladan and talk to Quintin the Wise to learn about the origins of Alban Alyssa.
  3. Wait for Quintin to catch his breath.
  4. Learn why the elves travel from village to village singing from Amad Belune in Feladan. (Speak to Amad Belune)
  5. Learn about the traditions behind Mistletoe from Xerintha in Feladan.
  6. Learn about the traditions behind the yule log from Dibiano Allorni in Feladan.
  7. Talk to Dibiano Allorni.
  8. Talk to Dibiano Allorni.
  9. Talk to Dibiano Allorni.
  10. Talk to Dibiano Allorni.
  11. Return to Hermey and tell him of what you learned. Be sure to deliver Dibiano's message that the gnomes will develop their own traditions over the years and do not need elven ones to make Gnomekindle special.


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