The first step in creating a phylactery is to acquire a suitable crystalline vessel.

Helian Path 2: Acquire A Crystalline Vessel For Your Phylactery is an Adventure Quest / Rite of Passage Quest given by Lantenal the Hermit of Dralk.

Quest Steps

  1. Speak to the Dragon Hermit for directions on where to go to collect the shards he requires.
  2. Travel to Meteor Crater and retrieve five Shards of Faces. Lantenal believes that the Guardians of Faces are found by Meteor Crater near Lerena.
    • Closest pad to Meteor Crater is Settlement Dikaina or Lerena. If you are not attuned to either, then run from Mia's Edge which does not require attuning.
  3. Show the five shards to Lantenal the Hermit. Lantenal's cave is hidden within the mountains south of Char and north of Sanctuary.
  4. Speak to Lantenal again when you have gathered your friends and are prepared to do battle against the Crystallized Golem.
    • Speak with Lantenal when you are ready to fight the Crystallized Golem. He will give you a buff that will last for 30 minutes. This buff will force the Crystallized Golem to spawn.
  5. Travel to the Meteor Crater and face the Crystallized Golem. You are better off facing him while focused from the enchantment that Lantenal has given you, but even if it wears off you should be able to defeat him.
  6. Take the Crystallized Golem Shards to Lantenal the Hermit
  7. Give Lantenal a moment to examine the shards.
  8. Speak to Lantenal the Hermit about the Orb.
  9. Speak to Semeneth again for instructions on what to do with the pure crystal orb.
  10. Talk to Semeneth for directions
  11. Gather a sample of lava from near the entrance to the Tower of Wizardry. The tower can be found north west of the community of Naka'jira.
  12. Gather a sample of earth from the foot of an undead dragon. The Ghostly Dragons and Pale Hatchlings haunt the blighted island of Draak. It is there that the blight has corrupted dragons so that their spirits remain and will attempt to kill on sight any who come to near.
  13. Gather a sample of wind from a desert oasis. South of Tazoon where the roads converge is a small oasis. It is there that Semeneth said you will find the winds blow purest.
  14. Gather a sample of fresh water from the pool of water in the inlet at the north end of the Wan Coast. You can reach the Wan Coast by traveling to Morning Light and making your way down the Abandoned Shore to the inlet, just be careful of the sand crabs on the shore.
    • The pool can be found at 28766/27443, north-east of Delgarath.
  15. Return and speak to Semeneth in Chiconis with the filled vials of wind, water, earth, and lava.
  16. Defeat Kaa the Shade and use the small glass vial to capture Kaa's Shadow. Kaa the Shade haunts the very edges of the Northern Deadlands. Use caution and bring companions when venturing to the Northern Deadlands, as the area can be extremely dangerous.
  17. Speak to Semeneth in Chiconis about the prism.
  18. Semeneth sent you speak with a gnome in Dalimond. He thought the name was Gandol, but as you don't recall hearing that name before in your travels, you should start with trying to just find any gnome who resides in Dalimond.
  19. Bring Gangaf 5 Pale Energized Azulyte to form the prism.
  20. Give Gangaf five minutes to form the azulyte into a prism.
  21. Speak to Gangaf again and see if the prism is complete.
  22. Get further instruction from Semeneth in Chiconis.
  23. Travel to the top of Druid's Tower. Druid's Tower, also known as the Tower of Nature, stands strong against the blight on the far side of the Western Deadlands. There you will find a scholar's desk designed for dragons and on it you will find the formula you need.
  24. Scribe the formula for the prismatic focus if you have not done so already. Follow the directions in the formula that Semeneth gave you to create your prismatic focus.
  25. Use the Prismatic Focus to imbue the orb with your spirit. (To use the item, open your inventory window, right click and select Use Item from the menu.)
  26. Return to Semeneth to report your success.