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Quests AvailableEdit

No quests for this NPC.

Items CarriedEdit

Hiring PermitsEdit

A Hiring Permit is required when building: Vault, Tavern, Pawnbroker or Consignment Store. They cost 137s 500c each.

Consignment Merchant Hiring Permit
Pawnbroker Hiring Permit
Tavernkeeper Hiring Permit
Vault Keeper Hiring Permit


Trinkets are consumable baubles with a vast variety of effects. Geoff sells only Tier I with a cost of 2s 500c each.

Alyssa's Energized State
Alyssa's Touch
Brobbet's Hand of Justice
Daggarth's Blessing
Divine Protection
Fury of Daggarth
Heightened Senses
Holy Armament of Istara
Istara's Breath
Istara's Gait
Istara's Grace
Istara's Guiding Hand
Mystical Ward of Istara
Niatha's Blessing
Spectral Touch
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