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Gangaf is an exiled gnome that hangs out on the porch of the metal shop in Dalimond, near the Formulatrons. He stands next to the robot he is building and sells Beginner formulas. Although he does give training through quests, he does not help you join the Tinkerer school.

If you greet him and are not a Tinkerer, he tells you about his new invention.

If you are a Tinkerer, he hints that he has been the subject of an injustice concerning the destruction of Rachival and gives a series of level based quests for Tinkerers. A new set of quests is given every 10 levels of Tinkerer starting at level 10. You will start with the lowest level one, regardless of your level, until you catch up to the quests for your level. Then when you reach the new plateau, you get the new set.

During the Fall Harvest Festival, he will give you a piece of candy.

His starting quest is Gangaf Quest: Bronze Construction Sheets.

Quests AvailableEdit

Note: Gangaf's quest line is currently disabled until it can be fixed.

No quests for this NPC.

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