The Fall Harvest is once again upon us! The people of Istaria gather at the newly built Festival-grounds outside of Dalimond to celebrate a year of relative peace and prosperity. Enjoy the food, masks, candy, costumes and even a few new items to build on your plot of land. Do some trick-or-treating and maybe even take in a ghost story or two... but beware of spooky monsters that may be out to get you!
Istaria now begins its annual Fall Harvest. Many scholars believe this season becomes enchanted and mystical as the Realm of Bounty, according to legend, aligns closely with the Realm of the Prime.

The belief states that when these two Realms align, the Realm of the Prime unlocks a planar passage that channels Bounty’s blessings across the lands of the Prime. These blessings compel the soil to produce rich harvests and rewards those Gifted toiling in the fields. As with many things Istarian, there is a dark side to this Blessing. This channel is known to admit more than just the blessings from the Realm of Bounty. Unworldly, mystical and ghoulish beings may use this channel to enter the Realm of the Prime. Discerning these malevolent side effects, the Prime’s Gifted developed customs to trick the invaders from entering or overstaying their welcome.

So on this day, the people of the Realm of the Prime believe it good luck to parade around the cities, fields, town and settlements wearing masks and costumes. It is their hope to deter these gruesome trespassers from taking an interest in them and their homes. The Empire promotes these activities, and encourages participation from both believers and non-believers. During the Fall Harvest, the Empire preserves tradition by passing out treats to those who join the masquerade. To encourage the beneficial features of the Harvest, and so that many may share in its blessings, Empire officials nicknamed Jacques Allantyrn are dispatched to the various racial cities.

Keep in mind that while the believers are searching for treats across Istaria, some non-believers, to have their own fun, are known to arrange capers, tricks and pranks on their property.

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