A horde of Scary Zombies and Spooky Spiders at the old Festival Grounds.

The Fall Festival is an event marked by the turning of the leaves in October where the gifted - young or old - gather on the island of New Brommel. On New Brommel, there is a large stretch of Blighted land in the south where weakened Aegis full of candy reside. If you hunt them, they drop these candies in their loot. They are Scary Zombies and Spooky Spiders!


A small map of main areas for the Fall Festival.

The Fall Festival also allows the purchase of costumes and masks for both dragons and bipeds. The average cost of a costume is 50 copper, while a mask is usually 25.

The NPCs at the festival grounds only accept candy as payment for their wares. Below is the coin value of each candy piece.

Candy Coin Value
A Dead Mouse 1c
Hard Candy 1c
Maggot Chews 1c
Chocolate Covered Beetle Legs 2c
Elven Marzipan Skull-Bites 2c
Gnomian Peppermint Taffy 2c
Dwarven Caramel Nugget 3c
Gummi Gruok 6c

Also, don't forget to do the Trick or Treat! quest to earn some more candy.

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