Fafnir the Defiler is a General of the Withered Aegis sent to battle the Gifted. He wanders near Harro (28085,24463), and is usually accompanied by Blight Hounds.

Fafnir is needed for the Invasion questline, and drops hides that have to be brought to the Harro Outpost.


Combat TacticsEdit

Pull him to a quiet spot, kill the adds first. When his arms start to glow he is about to cast his Scorch which hits all in its range for around 3,500 blight damage. There is no defense against it aside from running out of range. He stuns and hits very fast, typical for a Storm Disciple. His buffs Lightning Claws, Energize, Static Aura can be dispelled.


Fafnir the Defiler has a chance to drop the following:

Small Epic Crate
Medium Epic Crate
Epic Token
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