Unspun Fiber is the raw material from which Fabric Spools are created. These in turn are used to create cloth armor, containers, and building products.

Unspun Fiber is harvested from plants of the same name using a Harvest Knife and the Foraging skill. Kenaf can be harvested from live sheep as well.

Fabric Spools are produced by the Gatherer, the Outfitter, the Tailor, the Weaver, and the Scholar using the Spinning skill at a Fabric Distaff.

The fabrics, in order by tier, are:

Tier Name Minimum Skill¹ Optimal Skill¹ Location
1 Flax 1 200
2 Kenaf 200 425
3 Cotton 400 650
4 Silk 600 875
5 Ironsilk 800 1075
6 Steelsilk 1200 1600

¹To make Fabric Spools

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