Essence Orbs are a refined resource used in crafting various items. They are created by harvesting raw essence from Wisps or Wisp Residue and refining it at an Essence Channeler using the Essence Shaping skill or an Essence Shaper.

There are different types of Essence Orbs created by harvesting essence in different methods:

  • Essence Orbs, made by harvesting Wisps or Wisp Residue
  • Blighted Essence Orbs, made by harvesting blighted Wisp Residue
  • Tainted Essence Orbs, made by harvesting Tainted Essence from deceased Wisps

Creation Requirements Edit

NameResourceNeedMin SkillOpt SkillLowest Formula†
Dim Essence OrbDim Essence5 - 21100Beginner
Pale Essence OrbPale Essence5 - 2200425Beginner
Glowing Essence OrbGlowing Essence5 - 2400650Journeyman
Bright Essence OrbBright Essence5 - 2600875Journeyman
Shining Essence OrbShining Essence5 - 28001075Expert
Radiant Essence OrbRadiant Essence5 - 212001600Master
† Lowest Level Formula in which it is found.
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