Go harvest 100 bright essence and return to Caspuras for training.

Essence Harvesting Mastery VII: Collect 100 Bright Essence is a Crafting Quest given by Caspuras of Dralk.

Quest Steps

  1. Harvest 100 bright essence and retun [Sic] to Caspuras.

Quest Text

  • Well now that that nasty business with Zepartus is finished, I think it's time you started working on your own collection, [player]. Harvest a few bright wisps, I should say 100 bright essence would make an adequate start, and return. What? No, that is for my fee, if you want some for your own collection you'll have to gather more than that!
  • Excellent, [player]! It's been awhile since I replenished my bright essence stock, and bright wisps are hard to find around here. Let me show you how to gather this essence more efficiently for your own purposes.