Essence Channeler

An Essence Channeler is used to make Essence Orbs or Essence Construction items. It is found in cities nearby trainers, often nearby resource fields and in buildable structures on player owned plots: Scholar Shop.

Related SkillsEdit

The following Skills need a Essence Channeler: Essence Shaping and Essence Structuring.

Shop BonusEdit

Essence Channelers on player owned plots give a bonus to the related skills. The bonus is only available for crafting purposes and is only shown in the crafting window, not in the character spreadsheet and therefore can not be used to scribe higher formulas.

Shop Skillbonus
Essence Channeler -
Beginner Essence Channeler +25
Journeyman Essence Channeler +50
Expert Essence Channeler +75

Dragon ShopsEdit

Helian Essence Channelers and Lunus Essence Channelers in a player owned lair adds a tier related bonus for dragons to the appropriate skill. They are part of the dragon lair constructions: Helian Essence Shaping and Lunus Essence Shaping.

Shop Skillbonus
Helian/Lunus Essence Channeler -
T1 Helian/Lunus Essence Channeler +15
T2 Helian/Lunus Essence Channeler +30
T3 Helian/Lunus Essence Channeler +45
T4 Helian/Lunus Essence Channeler +60
T5 Helian/Lunus Essence Channeler +75
T6 Helian/Lunus Essence Channeler +90
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