You found the lost cargo disk, but it may be broken beyond repair. Private Malna suggests you take it to Builder Tirrish in Bristugo. As a mason, he is always using cargo disks and may know how to repair this one or perhaps find you a new one.

Elissa Malna: A New Cargo Disk is an Errand Quest given by Private Elissa Malna of Sable Shore.

Quest Steps

  1. You receive 1 Broken Cargo Disk (10 bulk) from Elissa after accepting the quest. Speak with Builder Tirrish in Bristugo about the disk (while having it in the inventory).
  2. Listen to Builder Tirrish (keep speaking until he sends you on an errand)
  3. Travel to Kion and purchase a bag of Sugared Dates from Marcus the Merchant (greet him and continue the conversation)
  4. Buy a bag of Sugared Dates from Marcus (press 'Five silver for the lot' in the quest chat window, and you will automatically pay Marcus 5 silver).
  5. Return with the Bag of Sugared Dates to Bristugo and Builder Tirrish (greet him).
  6. Speak with Tirrish about your Cargo Disk (continue talking).

Quest Text

  1. (At quest's start) Elissa: [Player's name], I've been thinking about the cargo disk you found. It looks broken, maybe beyond repair, but I know of someone who might be able to fix it. Or at least find you a new one. His name is Tirrish and he's a Saris mason who is working on the new walls and buildings in Bristugo. Go there, find him, and show him the broken disk. (You have received 1 Broken Cargo Disk.)
  2. (When greeting Tirrish) Tirrish: May the Blessings of Merrasat be Yours, [player's name]. What can I do for you this fine day? Yes, yes, I do indeed make use of cargo disks quite often. It is a necessity in my line of work - Masonry. Even a half-giant cannot carry large loads of construction blocks or keystones so one must make use of a cargo disk!
  3. Tirrish: But all is not lost! We shall have to find you a replacement. One of the Gifted cannot be without the tools of the trade, no they cannot. I will assist you if you will do me a small favor? You see, I have been away from the sunny sand of Kion for such a long time and I find myself missing the small things... Sugared Dates.
  4. Tirrish: Are you familiar with them, [player's name]? They are a delicacy among my people. Go to Kion and speak with Marcus. He is the merchant who does business near the travel gate. Purchase a bag of Sugared Dates for me and I shall help you get a new cargo disk.
  5. (When greeting Marcus) Marcus: Welcome, welcome, [player's name], to my humble shop! As you can see, I have lots for sale and perhaps you are here shopping for something in particular? Yes? New shoes from the frozen hills of Mahagra? A bit hot here in the desert, but oh so comfortable I hear! No? Well, then... How about a rare delicacy? A pickled crab eye from the Abandoned Shores? I just got a crate in today and oh *he licks his fingers* are they tasty! So, will you have one or two bags? What do you say?
  6. Marcus: No pickled eyes? Well, if you aren't here for shoes and you aren't here for eyes, then what are you here for? Sugared Dates? Well, why didn't you say so! Yes, of course I have those. But they are so... mundane. Perhaps something more exotic, yes? No? Very well. Five silver for the lot and they are yours.
  7. (After paying 5 silver) Marcus: Very good, there you are. One bag of Sugared Dates. Enjoy, [player's name]! And don't forget to think of Marcus when you are looking for the rarest goods this side of the Frontier. Now, who is next? Yes? Move along, [player's name], other customers are waiting. (You have received 1 Bag of Sugared Dates.)
  8. (After returning to Tirrish with the bag of dates) Tirrish: Ah, there you are [player's name]! Is that my bag of dates? *he smiles broadly* Yes, yes! Well done. Oh, I have missed these small tasty treats. *he pops one in his mouth and savors it for a moment* Oh yes... Now, where were we? Oh yes, your cargo disk.
  9. Tirrish: I took the liberty of procuring one while you were gone. It isn't much, in fact its an older model that the Gnomes have discontinued. But it is better than any you obtained while you were back in Kion or Sslanis and it will serve you well I dare say. Take it, [player's name],. And let me see that broken one, I might be able to use it as a template for making future disks. Safe Journeys.