You have learned all you can from the trainers on Skalkaar. It is now time to travel through the portal at the eastern end of the island and go to New Trismus to continue your journey toward becoming an Ancient Dragon.

Dragon Tutorial: Greet the Steward in New Trismus is an Adventure Quest / Tutorial Quest given by Instructor Karkath of Skalkaar Isle.

Quest Steps

  1. Greet Steward Pratt in New Trismus.

Quest Text

  1. Go through the Travel Gate at the eastern most tip of this island. It will take you to New Trismus.
  2. If you would be so kind as to send my regards to the Steward in New Trismus, his name is Pratt, I'm certain that you'd be well received.
  3. Welcome new Dragon. I have great respect for your kind and especially for Instructor Karkath.
  4. If you wish to know more about your kind, speak with Avariatus the Dragon Adventurer or Kerian the Dragon Crafting Trainer. They can be found in the caves just south of here, near where you entered New Trismus through the Skalkaar travel gate.
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