Dragon Stoneworking is a Dragon-only crafting ability used to craft various tiers of stone. It is instantly mastered.

The biped equivalent to Dragon Stoneworking is the Stone Chisel.

Dragon Stoneworking comes in 6 tiers. A new tier is earned every 20 levels. It is unconfirmed whether the tier of ability or the skill determines whether you can craft resources of a tier higher than your ability.

Crafting InformationEdit

Dragon Stoneworking is most commonly used to craft Stone Bricks from raw slabs. To do so requires the use of a Stone Cutter and the Stone Brick formula. Dragon Stoneworking can also be used to cut or cleanse blighted stones using the Blighted Stone Brick and Blighted Stone Brick Cleansing formulas, respectively, with the aid of a Stone Cutter.

Dragon Stoneworking is also used to make Cast Stones and Imbued Bricks at a Stone Cutter.

Dragon Stoneworking uses the Stoneworking skill to determine crafting efficiency.

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