Note: This page contains information on the Dragon Scalecraft Ability. For the skill, see Dragon Scalecraft (Skill).

Dragon Scalecraft is a Dragon-only crafting ability used to craft various tiers of dragon scales. There is no biped equivalent, as bipeds can not craft dragon scales.

The Dragon Scalecraft ability comes in 6 tiers. A new tier is earned every 20 levels. It is unconfirmed whether the tier of ability or the skill determines whether you can craft resources of a tier higher than your ability.

Crafting InformationEdit

Dragon Scalecraft is most commonly used to craft dragon scales from metal bars and stone bricks. To do so requires the use of a Dragon Scale Forge and the appropriate formula. Dragon Scalecraft can also be used to craft blighted scales, with the aid of a Dragon Scale Forge.

Dragon Scalecraft is also used to make Flying Cargo Disks and Nielenoss' Cargo Disks at a Dragon Scale Forge. Additionally, Scalecraft Recharge Kits are crafted with Dragon Scalecraft at a Dragon Scale Forge*.

* Machine not confirmed

It is important to note that, while the standard machine to craft scales is the Dragon Scale Forge, Dragons can also make use of an Anvil while making scales. However, since this is such a crude replacement for a proper Scale forge, Anvils do not provide bonus crafting skill.

Dragon Scalecraft uses the Dragon Scalecraft skill to determine crafting efficiency.

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