Dragon Lairshaper

Dragon Lairshapers use their teeth and claws to delve deep underground and create abodes worthy of the great race. The Lairshaper only gets experience points by crafting products and building that uses the Lairshaping skill!

Join RequirementsEdit

To join the Dragon Lairshaper school you must be a Dragon.

Also need to have a base Gemworking skill of 170 ( Level 22 Dragon Crafter ).


Relstaroth's Lair22,60829,804


Azulyte Crystal Transmutation
Crystalshaping Mastery I
Crystalshaping Mastery II
Crystalshaping Mastery III
Crystalshaping Mastery IV
Crystalshaping Mastery V
Draak Attunement: The Lost Colony
Knowledge of Lairs: Making Lairshaping Pieces
Lairshaping Mastery (Part 1)
Lairshaping Mastery (Part 2)
Lairshaping Mastery (Part 3)
Lairshaping Mastery (Part 4)
Lairshaping Mastery (Part 5)
Lairshaping Mastery (Part 6)
Learning to Shape Lairs

Lairshaping Mastery Quests with Relstaroth the lairshaping trainer starting from lvl 10 every 10 lvls.

Note to above: I was able to do Lairshaping Mastery (Part 1) at level 5, upon completing Learning to Shape Lairs quest. ~Cegaiel

Crystalshaping Mastery Quests given by Balennos the crystalshaping trainer starting from lvl 20 every 20 lvls.

Note to above: I was able to do Crystalshaping Mastery I at level 10 Lairshaper. ~Cegaiel

Skill Per LevelEdit

Skill NamePer Level
Crystalshaping 8
Essence Harvesting 7
Essence Shaping 8
Gemworking 8
Ingenuity 10
Lairshaping 10
Mining 7
Quarrying 7
Smelting 8
Stoneworking 8

Stat Per LevelEdit

StatPer Level

Usable ScalesEdit

Armor Scales
Broken Scales
Dexterity Scales
Focus Scales
Health Scales
Power Scales
Strength Scales


Formula NameSkill TypeBeginnerJourneymanExpertMaster
Formula: Cast StoneStoneworking14008001000
Formula: Crystalline LatticeLairshaping1005009001100
Formula: ExcoriationLairshaping14008001000
Formula: FlowstoneLairshaping1005009001100
Formula: Focused Azulyte CrystalCrystalshaping14008001000
Formula: Imbued BarLairshaping14008001000
Formula: LodestoneSmelting14008001000
Formula: MaelstoneLairshaping1005009001100
Formula: Primal EssenceLairshaping14008001000
Formula: Tri-cut GemsGemworking14008001000

Ability GainEdit

Dragon Crystalworking I1
Dragon Essence Harvesting I1
Dragon Essence Shaping I1
Dragon Gemworking I1
Dragon Ingenuity I1
Dragon Lairshaping I1
Dragon Mining I1
Dragon Quarrying I1
Dragon Smelting I1
Dragon Stoneworking I1
First Wing Scale Slot10
Dragon Crystalworking II20
Dragon Essence Harvesting II20
Dragon Essence Shaping II20
Dragon Gemworking II20
Head Scale Slot20
Dragon Ingenuity II20
Dragon Lairshaping II20
Dragon Mining II20
Dragon Quarrying II20
Second Gift Slot25
Dragon Smelting II20
Dragon Stoneworking II20
Second Wing Scale Slot30
Dragon Crystalworking III40
Dragon Essence Harvesting III40
Dragon Essence Shaping III40
Dragon Gemworking III40
Dragon Ingenuity III40
Dragon Lairshaping III40
Dragon Mining III40
Dragon Quarrying III40
Dragon Smelting III40
Dragon Stoneworking III40
First Foreleg Scale Slot40
First Hindleg Scale Slot50
Third Gift Slot50
Dragon Crystalworking IV60
Dragon Essence Harvesting IV60
Dragon Essence Shaping IV60
Dragon Gemworking IV60
Dragon Ingenuity IV60
Dragon Lairshaping IV60
Dragon Mining IV60
Dragon Quarrying IV60
Second Foreleg Scale Slot60
Dragon Smelting IV60
Dragon Stoneworking IV60
Second Hindleg Scale Slot70
Fourth Gift Slot75
Back Scale Slot80
Dragon Crystalworking V80
Dragon Essence Harvesting V80
Dragon Essence Shaping V80
Dragon Gemworking V80
Dragon Ingenuity V80
Dragon Lairshaping V80
Dragon Mining V80
Dragon Quarrying V80
Dragon Smelting V80
Dragon Stoneworking V80
Tail Scale Slot90
Dragon Essence Harvesting VI100
Dragon Essence Shaping VI100
Dragon Crystalworking VI100
Dragon Gemworking VI100
Dragon Ingenuity VI100
Dragon Lairshaping VI100
Dragon Mining VI100
Dragon Quarrying VI100
Dragon Smelting VI100
Dragon Stoneworking VI100
Fifth Gift Slot100