Your target for this round of practice is Maple Treant Saplings. Though small, they tend to stay close to their larger treant relations, so picking just those out from the "forest" of treants will be a challenge. Maple Treants are found west of Feladan.

Dragon's Reach VI: Sticky Saplings is an Adventure Quest given by Bentaras of Chiconis.

Quest Steps

  1. Follow the road west out of Feladan and you will soon come to where the Maple Treants roam. You have been sent to defeat twenty Maple Treant Saplings as a test of your ability to use Dragon's Reach
  2. Use Dragon's Reach at least ten times to seperate out the treant saplings from the other treants.
  3. Return to Bentaras in Chiconis now that you have completed your tasks.

Quest Text

  1. You did well enough the last time I sent you out to face the Oak Treant Saplings, so I think for this test I will put you in an even stickier situation and send you to face the Maple Treant Saplings. Yes, [player], that's a joke. The maple treants don't really spew out maple sap and won't really be sticky. But in any case, they are your next target for practice.
  2. Seems the test was quite conclusive. Using fire on treants is rather effective. I hope you learned a thing or two as well.
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