You are being sent back to the fields with Oak Treants near the settlement of Heather to practice your Dragon's Reach ability further.

Dragon's Reach V: Oak Without the Ash and Thorn is an Adventure Quest given by Bentaras of Chiconis.

Quest Steps

  1. Return to the fields north of the settlement of heather and do battle against more Oak Treants. Defeat twenty oak treants of any size but the saplings before returning to Bentaras.
  2. Bentaras has asked that you practice with your Dragon's Reach ability. Use Dragon's Reach IV at least 10 times in combat.
  3. Return to Bentaras in Chiconis for further training in Dragon's Reach.

Quest Text

  1. Ever since sending you to do battle against those Oak Treant Saplings previously I've had this same tune running through my mind over and over again. A group of naka set the words of a poet who went by the name of Kipling to music... catchy little tune called "Oak, Ash and Thorn".
  2. Well, you did not come here for a music lesson, now did you? And surely not from a dragon with singing ability such as mine! But something must happen to get this tune out of my head, so I'm sending you back to the Oak Treants for your next challenge. Perhaps having you defeat the treants will drive this song out of my head and give me something else to think about! But again because I need you to actually practice what I've been teaching you I expect that you will make use of your Dragon's Reach ability as an opening to combat.
  3. One...two...three, yes they're all there. You got bit a lot didn't you? Have i taught you nothing? It really is all about the range advantage. Use this and the spells in our repertoire to avoid such aggravating injuries such as yours. I'll be taking these, thank you. Now sit back and watch me hit that nearby crystal formation from here. Maybe you'll learn a thing or two.
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