Collect the reagents for the Dragon's Gift. You've been tasked with going to the Island of Fire and the Island of Saritova to retrieve two different specific types of items that Kaliphar needs.

Dragon's Gift V: Kaliphar's Reagants is an Adventure Quest given by Kaliphar of Chiconis.

Quest Steps

  1. Listen to Kaliphar
  2. Recover the Brilliant Peridot Gemstone from Gheniem the Peridot Golem. It roams the Island of Saritova. The island lies far to the south of Dikaina or it can be reached by teleporter.
  3. Loot five (5) Fire Opal Golem Gem Shards from the Fire Opal Golems. Fire Opal Golems can be found on the Island of Fire and in Drakul's Heart.
  4. Return to Kaliphar with the Fire Opal Gem Shards and the Brilliant Peridot Gemstone.

Quest Text

  1. Welcome back [player], your strength and honor know no bounds. The next trial is most difficult, in order to for you to earn your next gift; I need resources of the most rare nature.
  2. The Dragon's Gift requires two Reagents; The first one being a Brilliant Peridot Gemstone found on the golems of the gems. But not just any Peridot Golem! Seek out Gheniem! He holds the first reagent! Gheniem can be found ear the frozen volcanic islands, north of the frozen peninsula and bring be back the Brilliant Peridot Gemstone.
  3. Just one more reagent and the Dragon's Gift is yours...
  4. Good, good. That is a start, [player]. But there is a greater challenge for you ahead. Go to the volcanic islands and collect four Fire Opal Gem Shards. This will not be easy, but you have proven yourself to be strong of body and of mind. Persevere!
  5. You have looted the last of the gem shards asked for by Kaliphar. Return with them at once!
  6. Just in time dragon, my concentration almost failed me, these gem shards are just what I need, to finish the ritual. Once again you have proven yourself worthy of greater power. Prepare to receive the next Dragon's Gift.
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