Dragon's Gift III: Bane of the Nix Beetles is an Adventure Quest given by Kaliphar of Chiconis.

Quest Steps

  1. Defeat 10 Greater Nix Beetle. The beetle can be found near in the Mahagra Tundra wandering amongst the frozen lakes, or on the island of Trandalar near Brandon's Shelf.
  2. Return to Kaliphar in Chiconis for your reward.

Quest Text

  1. You have done well in passing my trials thus far, and are proving to be an asset to our noble race. To earn the next gift, however, you must pass a more difficult trial. In the frozen wastes outside of Mahagra there there is a place known as the Frozen Lakes. Near those lakes you can find Nix Beetles, but not just any beetles, the greatest of the Nix Beetles known as Frostbite. Seek this beetle out along with his companions, the Greater Nix Beetles. Return here to me when you have slain 10 of these horrible beasts.