Discover the Fate of Balit's Companion is a Quest given by Balit .

Quest TextEdit

Balit has asked you to help him determine the fate of his lost companion and fellow researcher, Allot, whom Balit has not seen since the day of the ship-wreck.


  1. Search the northern tip of Balit's Island.
  2. Search the western side of the island.
  3. Search the southern tip of the island.
  4. Search the eastern side of of Balit's Island.
  5. Return to speak with Balit after searching the island.
  6. Search the island that is just off the north eastern tip of Balit's Island.  Try to avoid the werewolf Eyetooth, but if he attacks you, Balit suggested that werewolves don't like water, so you can dive in to avoid him.  Look among the rocks on the small island for Balit's companion.
  7. Return to Balit with news of his companion's fate. Be sure to give Balit the journal you found so that he will know what happened to his friend.


  • Adventure Experience: 21800
  • Money: 10 silver