NPC NameSchoolLevelXY
Adeshine Spear-SlingerSpearman28,58527,200

Creature NameTypeMin LeveLMax Level
Dung Pile131131

No Named Creatures found.


Earn Title: Relic HunterSergeant Dylan100
Earn Title: Scorpion SlayerSergeant Dylan100
Earn Title: Enemy of BioscholarsSergeant Dylan100
Dralnok's Doom (Chapter 2): The TorturersSergeant Dylan100
Earn Title: Mylocs' BaneSergeant Dylan100
Earn Title: Enemy of TechnomancersSergeant Dylan100
Delgarath Militia Unsung HeroesLeftenant Carmichael Kincaid100
Earn Title: Treasure PlundererSergeant Dylan100
Earn Title: Creepy Crawler CrusherSergeant Dylan100
Breath of Acid: IntroductionDragon AdventurerOnyndriss100
Noncas' Lost Sunscope (Part 1)Finagle Biggletorque100
Earn Title: Defender of the Iron GuardsSergeant Dylan100
Delgarath Militia Unsung Heroes: Secure DelgarathLeftenant Carmichael Kincaid100
Earn Title: KeymakerTinkererSergeant Dylan100
Earn Title: Treasure HunterSergeant Dylan100
Earn Title: Lore SeekerOnyndriss100
Biggletorque: The Journal of FalinthrisFinagle Biggletorque100
Earn Title: Beetle SwatterSergeant Dylan100
Delgarath Militia Unsung Heroes: The Bigger They Are...Leftenant Carmichael Kincaid100
Sigrun's LetterSpirit of Sigrun100
Earn Title: PurifierSergeant Dylan100
Dralnok's Doom (Chapter 2): King Dralnok's FateSergeant Dylan100
Earn Title: Myloc SlayerSergeant Dylan100
Delgarath Militia Unsung Heroes: Need A HeroLeftenant Carmichael Kincaid100
Earn Title: Myloc HunterSergeant Dylan100
Earn Title: Dung Fighter Title the FirstSergeant Dylan100


No lore is currently available for this location.


Note: The following text is a work of fiction about Delgarath. It is not officially recognised as Lore.

The Beginning:Edit

Delgarath old

Old Delgarath

Delgarath was a former abandoned Dwarven mining town that was laid to waste by the Withered Aegis many years ago. The denizens fled in terror or where killed by the undead in order to be resurrected by them again to serve their new masters. Long time undead Dwarven healers guarded the town fiercely and hardly anyone dared to go near the town that was now a shadow of it's former self. The Empire didn't know back then that the inhabitants of the town found a very important discovery in the large mineshaft they dig into the earth. The undead wanted to cover something up that was beneath the down and so destroyed the mineshaft, only leaving back a seemingly endless hole in the ground.

The undead disappeared then again, it seemed the Withered Aegis gave up on that outpost to concentrate on other things.

New HappeningsEdit

A few weeks ago a landslide occurred at Delgarath, and a huge part of the hill that was near the destroyed mineshaft broke apart and sled into it, sealing the mineshaft completely. The Empire sent immediately some investigators and they found out that it was not a natural landslide or earthquake that caused the earth move. Even more, they found inside of the broken rocks and dirt a artifact that seemed to be blighted and had runes on it. Something was moving under the town, but what?

Blocked hole

The blocked Mineshaft in Delgarath

Blighted artifact inside of Stone

The blighted artifact inside the stone

The Rebirth:Edit

After bringing the artifact to Tazoon and analyzing it, the Empire found out that the blighted artifact was a large pillar that was part of a cave complex under Delgarath. After short preparation the Empire sent their best Milita, Scientists and Naturalists to Delgarath in order to make it an outpost to prepare the expeditions leading to the caves under that town. Druids enchanted the town with nature magic that it may shield of the blight, and grass and trees started again to grow. The buildings where repaired by master architects, and a shrine, portal and landing pad where constructed by tinkerers.

Archeologists along with miners and gatherers started to dig free the entrance of the mineshaft with the help of dragons, and a new mineshaft entrance was constructed. After much debating with the dragons and dwarves in Tazoon, the Council of the Empire came to that conclusion that it would be the best that the mineshafts where now build and supervised by the Dragons of Istaria, much to the disappointment of the dwarves. It is now up to the Gifted to complete the mineshafts in order to reach the long forgotten cave system that was named Dralnok's Doom!

Delgarath new

New Delgarath

Delgarath mineshaft

The new Delgarath Mineshaft

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