You have learned much of the nature of Crystals and how to manipulate their properties and shape for use in Lairs. But Balennos feels that you have not yet proven your skill with Titian Azulyte Crystals.

Crystalshaping Mastery IV is a Crafting Quest given by Balennos the Crystalshaper of Relstaroth's Lair.

Quest Steps

  1. Listen to Balennos
  2. Create eighteen (18) Titian Crystalline Lattices
  3. Return with the Crystalline Lattices to Balennos
  4. Wait while Balennos inspects the Lattices
  5. Wait a little more while Balennos inspects the Lattices.
  6. Wait even more while Balennos inspects the Lattices.
  7. Speak with Balennos about the Lattices