This page contains Creatures sorted by type or species, such as Animals or Skulks.

Animals Edit

Animals are living creatures that are found across Istaria. Most are passive, and some can provide resources for Crafting.

CreatureMin LevelMax LevelLocation
El Caliente1717
Giant Chicken1517

Arbotus Edit

Arbotus are two legged beasts with a giant mouth, and are the larger and more dangerous relatives of the Ruxus. They eat all that they can swallow, and due to the forest habitat in which they live, they have developed bark like skin with sticks and leaves growing out of them. They also tend to swallow squirrels, which are freed upon killing an Arbotus. They are social creatures that live in herds, and if an Arbotus near another is attacked, the others will defend it and devour the attacker.

Usally Arbotus are found on the west coast of Dikaina Island, in the forest areas between Lerena and Dikaina. However, some wandered to the middle of the three islands that are west of Lerena, probably to live in peace on their own on the two small hills covered in forest. Usually no adventurers bother to go there, since you have to wade through water and it is a rather large detour.

Some may think the squirrels harass you when you kill the Arbotus. But they thank you, kind of.

Apparently David Bowman was giving the squirrel the voice. It says: "Woohoo, I’m a freeee maaaaan! Yeehaa! I get to pick..nuts and berries and run through the forest like a good little squirrel. I’m gonna have a life now, boy."

Note that squirrels are very rare drops when harvesting. You might kill 50 Arbotus (can be Small, Regular or Tremendous) before yielding a handful of squirrels.

CreatureMin LevelMax LevelLocation
Large Arbotus7175
Small Arbotus6165
Tremendous Arbotus7680
Weak Arbotus3638

Beetles Edit

Six-legged with segmented bodies, a thick exoskeleton, and a pair of wings that allows them to hover, Beetles are one of the most hardy creatures in Istaria, able to survive in a variety of climates, some extremely inhospitable to life. They have a pair of mandibles which are used to eat or grasp their prey and they have also been known to hover towards their prey, knocking them down and attempting to crush them.

A common sight throughout Istaria, the Loricutus Beetle, or common Istarian Beetle, has been found in nearly every environment on Istaria, from fiery volcanoes to sandy beaches to the icy frozen mountains of the distant north. Like the Gruoks, Beetles have also served as a common source of food and resources over the millennia to the many Living Races.

CreatureMin LevelMax LevelLocation
Brachina Beetle118118
Fire Beetle7679
Flame Beetle6670
Giant Ice Beetle8690
Giant Loricatus Beetle2021
Greater Nix Beetle5155
Greater Ulmus Beetle2426
Gritus Maximus1012
Ice Beetle5660
Ice Gnawer9494
Kheprit Beetle9699
Large Frost Beetle3639
Large Loricatus Beetle1516
Lesser Nix Beetle4145
Lesser Ulmus Beetle2123
Loricatus Beetle910
Nix Beetle4649
Pyrios Beetle9195
Sand Scarab7174
Sand Scarab Harvester7679
Small Fire Beetle7174
Small Flame Beetle6164
Small Frost Beetle3135
Small Ice Beetle5154
Small Loricatus Beetle18
Snow Scarab8080
Tiny Grass Beetle33
Tomb Scarab2628
Tremendous Loricatus Beetle3240
Vikinos Trudger8889

Crabs Edit

CreatureMin LevelMax LevelLocation
Blight Crab117121
Murk Crab115125
Sand Crab8695

Flies Edit

CreatureMin LevelMax LevelLocation
Baleful Feeder116118
Baleful Spitter118120
Biting Fly99
Biting Fly Feeder1719
Corpse Fly3440
Green Necrofly5660
Grey Necrofly96100
Large Biting Fly1618
Muck Fly2124
Soldier Fly9195

Golems Edit

Golems are creatures comprised of the very elements themselves. They patrol crafting resource areas and attack anyone that wanders into their territory.

Some Golems can be harvested once they have been killed. Most of them deliver as much material as rich resource nodes.

Elementals Edit

Elementals are golem-like creatures that roam throughout the lands of Istaria.

CreatureMin LevelMax LevelLocation
Abominable Snowmonster120
Ale Elemental3049
Champagne Elemental102102
Gin Elemental6575
Greater Water Elemental2223
Ice Elemental9599
Lesser Water Elemental1920
Mead Elemental4252
Rum Elemental6069
Tequila Elemental6069
Tonic Elemental6575
Vodka Elemental7580
Whiskey Elemental7179
Wind Elemental9699
Wine Elemental5159

Gem Golems Edit

Once defeated, Gem Golems can be quarried for gems as if they were a gemstone vein.

Gem Golems
CreatureMin LevelMax LevelLocationResources
Amethyst Golem2327Uncut Amethyst
Aquamarine Golem5660Uncut Aquamarine
Azalac4242Uncut Lapis Lazuli
Citrine Golem4650Uncut Citrine
Dramentus5454Uncut Citrine
Emerald Golem96100Uncut Emerald
Fire Opal Golem9195Uncut Fire Opal
Garnet Golem1213Uncut Garnet
Gheniem9295Uncut Peridot
Granduus9699Uncut Fire Opal
Jade Golem7680Uncut Jade
Jalice5858Uncut Jasper
Jasper Golem5155Uncut Jasper
Lapis Lazuli Golem3640Uncut Lapis Lazuli
Malachite Golem1516Uncut Malachite
Massive Amethyst Golem2629Uncut Amethyst
Massive Rose Quartz Golem3335Uncut Rose Quartz
Mohs120120Uncut Diamond
Opal Golem7175Uncut Opal
Peridot Golem8690Uncut Peridot
Phryx6266Uncut Aquamarine
Rose Quartz Golem3134Uncut Rose Quartz
Shiar7474Uncut Topaz
Topaz Golem6670Uncut Topaz
Tremuntus7979Uncut Opal
Turquoise Golem1718Uncut Turquoise
Verdean1818Uncut Malachite
Verdeios102106Uncut Emerald
Zienad8383Uncut Jade

Metal Golems Edit

Once defeated, Metal Golems can be mined for ore as if they were an ore outcropping.

Metal Golems
CreatureMin LevelMax LevelLocationResources
Adamantium Golem101105Adamantium Ore
Balengah8686Platinum Ore
Bronze Boulder Golem2122Copper and Tin Ore
Bronze Golem1920Copper and Tin Ore
Cobalt Golem6670Cobalt Ore
Dimebach4848Dark Iron Ore
Giant Crusher4850Dark Iron Ore
Gold Golem5155Gold Ore
Iron Boulder Golem3640Iron Ore
Iron Golem3135Iron Ore
Isotope7174Cobalt Ore
Knoxx5658Gold Ore
Mhedon101105Mithril Ore
Mithril Boulder Golem96100Mithril Ore
Mithril Golem9195Mithril Ore
Nickel Golem4145Dark Iron Ore
Platinum Boulder Golem7680Platinum Ore
Platinum Golem7175Platinum Ore
Silver Golem2125Silver Ore
Umyarr the Golem King106110Adamantium Ore

Stone Golems Edit

Once defeated, Stone Golems can be quarried for stone slabs as if they were a stone outcropping.

Stone Golems
CreatureMin LevelMax LevelLocationResources
Brecah9498Marble Slab
Eclipse6870Obsidian Slab
Granite Golem4650Granite Slab
Gravier5155Granite Slab
Grey3840Slate Slab
Marble Boulder Golem8690Marble Slab
Marble Golem8185Marble Slab
Obsidian Boulder Golem6669Obsidian Slab
Obsidian Golem6165Obsidian Slab
Sandstone Golem1819Sandstone Slab
Sandstone Pebble Golem1617Sandstone Slab
Slag3133Slate Slab
Slate Golem2630Slate Slab
Tashka Lusa7173Obsidian Slab
Tibur111114Travertine Slab
Travertine Boulder Golem106110Travertine Slab
Travertine Golem101105Travertine Slab

Gruoks Edit

Gruoks are wild animals similar in appearance to wild pigs and are often referred to as pigs or piggies. Young Gruoks are called grulets and are often grouped with Gruok sows. The higher level Gruoks tend to be very aggressive with attacks that can cause the player to Bleed. Even though Grouks resemble pigs, they're actually a type of marsupial, not a member of the Sus family.

Once dead, they can be harvested for Hide and Meat.

CreatureMin LevelMax LevelLocation
Brownsnout Forager1920
Brownsnout Sow2122
Brownsnout Youngling1618
Decayed Grulet89
Feral Bloodsnout8191
Feral Bloodsnout Youngling8191
Forest Gruok3032
Forest Gruok Matron2628
Forest Gruok Youngling2224
Palesnout Sow4346
Palesnout Youngling4144
Ravenous Bloodsnout9699
Red Tusks88
Skalkaar Grulet13
Spirit Isle Grulet12
The Blood Pig9090
Weaker Ravenous Bloodsnout9194
Wild Grulet16
Wild Gruok1011
Wild Gruok Sow1212

Mimics Edit


Mimics are creatures that resemble Treasure Chests. They are used as traps to kill unwary adventurers that believe they contain valuable treasures. If a player tries to open them, they will attack.


Oastics Edit

CreatureMin LevelMax LevelLocation
Forest Oastic8690
Leafy Oastic2630
Volcanic Pustule6669

Ogres Edit

Ogres are a man-like race of monsters that roam with and are the larger counterpart of Pygmies.

CreatureMin LevelMax LevelLocation
Agh'kuk Elite Warrior2123
Agh'kuk Outcast2023
Agh'kuk Warrior1921
Bhal'kuk Elite Warrior9395
Bhal'kuk Warrior9194
Deh'guk Warrior4650
Dorgath the Chieftain3232
Dregorn the Greater109109
Ish'kuk Warrior2630
Nah'guk Basher9899
Nah'guk Brute9697
Ogre Bodyguard105105
Sal'guk Warrior3640
Than'kuk Warrior97101
The Abominable2424
Thel'kuk Battler6669
Ugrot the Chieftain5454
Zal'kuk Warrior7679

Pygmies Edit

Pygmies are common creatures that are found roaming with Ogres, their larger counterparts.

CreatureMin LevelMax LevelLocation
Agh'kuk Chieftain2325
Agh'kuk Gatherer820
Agh'kuk Witch Doctor2325
Bhal'kuk Gatherer8690
Deh'guk Gatherer4145
Grit the Warrior1011
Gruglar the Shaman9699
Ish'kuk Gatherer2125
Kungi the Shaman48
Nah'guk Gatherer9192
Nah'guk Tamer9394
Sal'guk Gatherer3135
Smac Smac68
Than'kuk Scout9496
Thel'kuk Spotter6164
Zal'kuk Scout7174

Rift Guardians Edit

Rift Guardians are powerful deities made out of the essences of time. They inhabit spatial rifts, like the Fiery Rift and The Rift.

Rift Guardians
CreatureMin LevelMax LevelLocation
Guardian of Blood140140
Guardian of Bone140140
Guardian of Heart140140
Guardian of Mind140140
Guardian of Rage138140

Ruxus Edit

Ruxus are large, aggressive, slow-moving creatures that appear to be somewhat social.

CreatureMin LevelMax LevelLocation
Large Ruxus3135
Small Ruxus2125
Tremendous Ruxus3640

Scorpions Edit

Scorpions were originally subterranean dwellers on the island of Drakul. Recent excavations deep into the earth across Istaria have disturbed their ancient breeding grounds and the scorpions have begun to migrate to the surface through these newly constructed tunnels and chambers. They are mostly solitary creatures, but can be found in small groups when protecting clutches of eggs. One female scorpion, a breeder, can produce well over one hundred eggs in a season. However, many of the young do not survive, as they are often eaten by their own kind or by other dangers.

These eight-legged arachnids are dangerous creatures and prey on any living things they come across. They range in size from small (less than gnome sized) to large (adult dragon sized). Scorpions have two large pincered appendages and a segmented tail that is topped with a large stinger. Most scorpions carry a venom within the stinger that results in paralyzation, allowing the beast to feast uninterrupted on its still-living prey. Scorpions come in different colors, befitting their environment. Underground they are mostly grey, black or pale. While the species found in more arid environments such as deserts are shades of brown or black.

CreatureMin LevelMax LevelLocation
Colossal Scorpion130132
Desert Scorpion5155
Hunter Scorpion94103
Infected Bonespur8687
Scavenger Scorpion7578
Stygian Scorpion115117
Toxic Bonespur8687
Virulent Bonespur8687

Skulks Edit

CreatureMin LevelMax LevelLocation
Blood Skulk Bloodmage9699
Blood Skulk Soothsayer9195
Blood Skulk Spearfisher8690
Chieftain Bulok9898
Digda the High Soothsayer103103
Forest Skulk Chieftain2834
Forest Skulk Elder2333
Forest Skulk Fisher1830
Forest Skulk Gatherer1930
Forest Skulk Guardian2628
Forest Skulk Hunt-Master2325
Forest Skulk Hunter2131
Forest Skulk Shaman2432
Forest Skulk Tracker2123

Spiders Edit

Istarian Spiders are not the typical garden variety that can be dealt with by a quick swat. These magically enchanted creatures, found all across the lands of Istaria, are ferocious creatures with attacks that resemble spells.

CreatureMin LevelMax LevelLocation
Araneae Hatchling8486
Araneae Matron9294
Araneae Scavenger8789
Aviculara Scavenger3234
Brown Spider77
Brown Spider Hatchling15
Cave Crawler Breeder121121
Cave Crawler Hatchling111111
Cave Crawler Soldier117117
Dark Crawler Breeder3135
Dark Crawler Gatherer2630
Dark Crawler Hatchling2125
Dark Crawler Soldier2832
Forest Crawler Breeder1214
Forest Crawler Hatchling15
Forest Crawler Soldier1012
Grave Araneae9091
Jungle Crawler Breeder2021
Jungle Crawler Hatchling1617
Jungle Crawler Soldier2022
Jungle Crawler Worker1919
Purple Tarantula8690
Purple Tarantula Breeder9195
Purple Tarantula Hatchling8185
Purple Weaver8689
Redbacked Spider Breeder5155
Redbacked Spider Hatchling4145
Redbacked Tarantula5658
Redbacked Tarantula Breeder5759
Redbacked Tarantula Hatchling5154
Shadow Spider6370
Shadow Spider Breeder6667
Shadow Spider Hatchling6165
Shadow Spider Huntress7373
Shadow Tarantula7376
Shadow Tarantula Breeder7779
Shadow Tarantula Hatchling7072
Shrunken Purple Weaver8185
Skalkaar Brown Spider Hatchling15
Spirit Isle Brown Spider Hatchling13
Spooky Spider24
Turgid Purple Weaver9193
Venomous Stalker Aggressor2223
Venomous Stalker Breeder2022
Venomous Stalker Hatchling1718

Treants Edit

Treants are enchanted trees that patrol the forests of Istaria. Most are very peaceful creatures, but enraged Treants will attack on sight.

After being killed, Treants can be harvested for logs with a Tree Axe, sap with a Sap Spigot, or bark with a Harvest Knife.

CreatureMin LevelMax LevelLocation
Cedar Treant1416
Cedar Treant Sapling78
Elm Treant3135
Elm Treant Sapling2630
Enraged Cedar Treant1618
Enraged Elm Treant3640
Enraged Maple Treant7478
Enraged Oak Treant5155
Enraged Yew Treant9699
Maple Treant7174
Maple Treant Sapling6669
Massive Cedar Treant1516
Massive Elm Treant3640
Massive Maple Treant7679
Massive Oak Treant5659
Massive Thornwood Treant116120
Massive Yew Treant9699
Oak Treant5154
Oak Treant Sapling4649
Thornwood Treant111115
Thornwood Treant Sapling106110
Yew Treant9194
Yew Treant Sapling8690

Treasure Chests Edit

Treasure Chests come in many varieties, from Cedar Treasure Chests to Thornwood Treasure Chests, as well as different types of wood, metal and even stone. They require proper Keys to be opened and have a chance to drop Broken Items, Crystals, Formulas, Hoard Items, Techniques and Sacks of Coins. Caution is advised as some chests are actually Mimics, which are identified by their higher hitpoints (around the same compared to a mob at it's level). Some of the Treasure Chests are found in quests, others are unique such as the Enchanted Ancient Chest near Kalevala.

Treasure Chests
CreatureMin LevelMax LevelLocation
Adamantium Chest111111
Adamantium Mimic110113
Enchanted Ancient Chest100100
Thornwood Chest111111
Travertine Chest111111

Werewolves Edit

Werewolves are former humanoid or wolf creatures that have turned, due the Lycanthropy curse, into horrid creatures attracted by the moon. Istarian Werewolves always stay in their bestial form, and are highly vulnerable to the silver damage type.

CreatureMin LevelMax LevelLocation
Blight Hound101110
Fafnir the Defiler130130
Greater Werewolf6669
Greater Winter Werewolf7679
Lesser Werewolf6164
Lesser Winter Werewolf7174
Storm's Shadow6060

Wisps Edit

Wisps are magical creatures that provide Essences for crafting while alive, and Tainted Essence when killed. Enriched wisps count as rich nodes for their essence.

Normal Wisps are placid with 10 health, while enraged wisps are aggressive and harder to kill.

Enraged wisps can be harvested for normal Essence once dead. Enraged wisps may also drop Vitaes, which are components for different crafting Techniques.

CreatureMin LevelMax LevelLocation
Bright Wisp
Corrupted Spectre2931
Dim Wisp
Discord Energy Residue8080
Enraged Bright Wisp7172
Enraged Dim Wisp1113
Enraged Glowing Wisp5153
Enraged Pale Wisp3133
Enraged Radiant Wisp111113
Enraged Shining Wisp9193
Famine Energy Residue9595
Flame Wisp1113
Frozen Wisp8181
Glowing Wisp
Inhibition Energy Residue9090
Mote of Rage8181
Pale Wisp
Palsy Energy Residue100100
Radiant Wisp
Shining Wisp

Withered Aegis Edit

The Withered Aegis is a powerful cadre of necromancers and evil beings bent on the utter conquest and destruction of the Living Races. They inhabit the Realm of Blight and make war on Istaria. The Withered Aegis employ a variety of foul servants to fulfill their nefarious purposes.

Aegis-Animates Edit

Aegis-Animates and Aegis Constructs are the only real forms of Withered Aegis mobs. Both of these groups are the only mobs that drop Blighted Gears.

The Aegis-Animates are living creatures that fight alongside the Withered Aegis, unlike the Aegis-Constructs, which are created by the Withered Aegis.

Fyakki Edit

Fyakki are Aegis-Animates that roam throughout the deadlands of Istaria.

CreatureMin LevelMax LevelLocation
Azg'azak Fyakki5660
Azg'engak Fyakki96100
Azg'ulzit Fyakki7680
Bloodletter Savage1519
Ul'dathos Brood-Master123124
Ul'dathos Centurion120121
Ul'dathos Wanderer120121
Ul'zilgat Defiler118120
Ul'zilgat Flayer116118

Kwellen Edit

Kwellen are winged guardians of the undead that roam around the Istarian deadlands.

CreatureMin LevelMax LevelLocation
Ancient Manifestation112114
Blighted Kwellen116120
Daknor the Berserk125126
Energized Kwellen96100
Glacial Kwellen5659
Kwellen Berserker101108
Magma Kwellen7679
Son of Gigaroth140140

Maggots Edit

CreatureMin LevelMax LevelLocation
Blood Maggot1620
Festering Maggot6063
Fetid Maggot9090
Foul Maggot1012
Noxious Maggot125131
Putrid Maggot9599
Small Red Maggot1115
Vile Maggot104104
Wriggling Mass910

Vexators Edit

Vexators are inter-dimensional creatures that came from the Realm of Blight, similar to the Kwellen.

CreatureMin LevelMax LevelLocation
Crimson Vexator96100
Flame Horror8282
Green Vexator101110
Purple Vexator111120
Void Fiend113120
Void Horror127127

Aegis-Constructs Edit

Aegis-Constructs and Aegis-Animates are the only real forms of Withered Aegis mobs. Both of these groups are the only mobs that drop Blighted Gears.

The Aegis-Constructs are creations of the Withered Aegis, unlike the Aegis-Animates, which are living creatures that fight alongside them.

Abominations Edit

Abominations are creatures that are crafted by the Withered Aegis.

CreatureMin LevelMax LevelLocation
Abomination Ravager8690
Abomination of Agony96100
Abomination of Anguish106110
Abomination of Fear8690
Abomination of Grief111115
Abomination of Horror101105
Abomination of Misery116120
Abomination of Pain8185
Abomination of Terror9195
Avatar of Pain130130
Risen Bioscholar102105
Task-Master of Terror9195

Aegrors Edit

CreatureMin LevelMax LevelLocation
Abscessing Aegror7175
Befouled Defender89
Cankerous Aegror6670
Cystic Aegror6165
Enraged Aegror101104
Erupting Aegror7678
Festering Aegror8690
Flesh Master1011
Gruk the Frigid123126
Hemorrhaging Aegror9195
Pustulating Aegror96100
Rotting Aegror8185

Automatons Edit

Automatons are creatures similar to Formulatrons. They are completely resistant to Spirit based magic.

CreatureMin LevelMax LevelLocation
Degraded Automaton9194
Project J v0.6b3939
Project X104104
Twisted Automaton9698
Warped Automaton v0.6b3737

Blight Anchors Edit

Blight Anchors are magical constructs that the Withered Aegis use to gain a foothold in Istaria. They are stationary but capable of summoning their own guards to protect them.

Blight Anchors
CreatureMin LevelMax LevelLocation
Greater Anchor140149
Lesser Anchor121129
Minor Anchor1214

Mylocs Edit

Mylocs were once creatures that lived peacefully on the eastern continents at the time of the birth of the Dryad. Once these hideous monsters turned and allied with the Withered Aegis, they were eradicated by the efforts of the Gifted. They weren't heard of for centuries, but recently there have been rumors and tales of these beasts rising once again with their Queen in Dralnok's Doom.

CreatureMin LevelMax LevelLocation
Enslaver of Mind6060
Enslaver of Spirit6161
Enslaver of Will6161
Myloc Birthing Sac100100
Myloc Gatherer122122
Myloc Harbinger131131
Myloc Hierophant131131
Myloc Veteran125125
Shaloth the Queen150150

Undead Edit

The creatures of the Undead are minions of the Withered Aegis. They serve as warriors to bring death to the living.

Blights Edit

Blights are the undead foot-soldiers of the Withered Aegis. Blight creatures inhabit most areas of Istaria.

CreatureMin LevelMax LevelLocation
Ash Blight6165
Blight Spectre Substantiator8080
Blighted Blight116118
Corrupted Spectre2931
Faded Ghoul114116
Fire Blight7175
Flame Blight6670
Frost Blight4145
Greater Ice Blight5154
Lava Blight7680
Lightning Blight8690
Storm Blight9195
Straw Blight1719
Tempest Blight97100
Thunder Blight8185

Ghosts Edit

Ghosts are one form of undead creatures used by the Withered Aegis in Istaria. They are formed from any of the living races and are of any school, including some classes that are not available to the living races. They use the abilities of their schools and races, as well as some skills unique to the undead.

CreatureMin LevelMax LevelLocation
Arek Wikhalad121121
Bannock's Ghost100102
Belligerent Ghost7175
Corrupted Iron Guard110110
Corrupted Iron Guard Sergeant105105
Corrupted Shade9595
Corrupted Voidsinger100104
Decayed Elven Guardian9193
Defiled Primalist100104
Defiled Shade9698
Fallen Guard120123
Furious Shade4143
Ghostly Barmaid6670
Ghostly Brewer6670
Kaa the Shade6060
Kessh the Lifetaker2222
Lem the Cold6060
Lurpy Ghost5160
Spectral Bloodmage1820
Spirit of Dralnok125125
Spirit of Gaius9191
Surly Ghost6170
Tavern Keeper9090
Tipsy Ghost4150
Trandalaran Buccaneer8889
Trandalaran Corsair4141
Trandalaran Magus9091
Trandalaran Pirate-King9393
Trandalaran Raider4044
Trandalaran Scourge4044
Vannes the Cabalist1414
Weaker Saris Ghost120

Mummies Edit

Mummies are a form of Undead creature used by the Withered Aegis in Istaria. They can be formed from any of the living races and be of any school, including some that are not available to the living races. As Mummies, they have the abilities of their school and race as well some skills unique to the undead.

CreatureMin LevelMax LevelLocation
Ancient Mummy1921
Elite Horde Guard100104
Emir Bar'Akath2325
Enthralled Attios101101
Fallen Laborer3539
Flesh Vindicator1617
Torkay Madda104104
Unclean Healer1819
Unclean Warrior1619

Skeletons Edit

Skeletons are a form of undead creature used by the Withered Aegis in Istaria. They are formed from any of the living races and be of any school, including some that are not available to the living races. As Skeletons, they have the abilities of their school and race as well some that are unique to the undead.

CreatureMin LevelMax LevelLocation
Ancient Burial Guardian4244
Ancient Tomb Guard4042
Captain Brak1818
Commander Torrek1818
Commander Vekh2020
Corrupted Voidcaster100104
Decayed Elven Trooper9192
Disgraced Scout9090
Elite Bone Vindicator1819
Fallen Overseer3536
Horde Guard100104
Invae Guardian99
Invae Warrior88
Lieutenant Borlak2123
Lieutenant Tarn1717
Risen Mechanic9195
Risen Raider1111
Risen Raider (2)104104Valley of Tolrath
Risen Researcher9699
Risen Sergeant107107Valley of Tolrath
Ruined Engineer9698
Ruined Overseer98101
Saronn the Risen King3839
Sergeant Khar1616
Skeletal Protector1819
Skeletal Ravager1819

Withered Scales Edit

Withered Scales were formerly living Dragons that have been slain in battle against the Withered Aegis. They have been revived after their death to serve their undead masters.

Withered Scales
CreatureMin LevelMax LevelLocation
Elite Fallen Conquerer105109
Enraged Revenant3132
Entombed Will7272
Esh the Mind Lasher6060
Fallen Conquerer100101
Fallen Plague-Dragon118119
General Reklar Plaguebearer148152
Ghostly Dragon5656
Lost Elder8484
Pale Hatchling5151
Seliena the Brilliant8080
Shadow Dragon8080
Tainted Spirit2931

Wraiths Edit

A Wraith appears as a spectral being with no legs. It appears to be in the form of a torn cloak, with the hood as the head. Yet, it does have humanoid arms and hands, but colored in the same way as its body. It makes very ghostly and deep-throated sounds when attacked, seeming to try and yell at you in the only way it knows how. They wander either alone or with cohorts and seem to command parts of the Withered Aegis whenever they can.

CreatureMin LevelMax LevelLocation
Ancient Guardian3638
Annarvis the Foul3535
Commander Turclid3535
Disgraced Magus9699
Enraged Specter113115
Fallen Darkstaff134134
Greater Necromancer9597
Kala the Pale105105
Phantom Mage107107
Risen Adept3333
Tochak Bonesnapper104104
Voullis Anthag9595
Wraith Lord85102
Wraith Master4649
Wraith Overseer6379

Zombies Edit

Zombies are a form of Undead creature used by the Withered Aegis in Istaria. They can be formed from any of the living races and be of any school, including some that are not available to the living races. As Zombies, they have the abilities of their school and race as well some unique to the undead.

CreatureMin LevelMax LevelLocation
Fallen Elven Defender9192
Fallen Plague-Warrior118119
Flesh Arcanist99
Illinos the Sanguine1515
Lord Urden1919
Palmyran Defender125125
Palmyran Thrall125125
Risen Bloodsnout9699
Rotted Guard1616
Rotted Priest1818
Scary Zombie1014
Urgat the Wicked1315
Withered Grand Magus1313

Wolves Edit

Wolves are aggressive, wild canines. They often travel in packs and are social, meaning that if a wolf is attacked, other wolves nearby will come to its defense.

Once killed, wolves can be harvested for hide.

CreatureMin LevelMax LevelLocation
Brownback Cub3234
Brownback Hunter2935
Brownback Outlier2235
Brownback Stalker3739
Caepio's Fear8989
Crimson Ravager9394
Crimson Shredder9192
Dark Stalker110110
Dire Wolf8185
Dire Wolf Alpha8686
Diseased Brownback3134
Fire Wolf7174
Fire Wolf Alpha7679
Flame Wolf6669
Flame Wolf Alpha7374
Greymane Seeker1113
Greymane Wolf1415
Icy Dire Wolf8689
Icy Dire Wolf Alpha9091
Jade Snarler4144
Jade Snarler Alpha4649
Massive Diseased Brownback3436
Mountain Wolf4649
Mountain Wolf Alpha5155
Sapphire Pack-Leader8888
Sapphire Ravager8686
Sapphire Shredder8787
Small Brown Wolf56
Small Brown Wolf Alpha88
Snowback Wolf5154
Snowback Wolf Alpha5557
The Lone Wolf89
Winter Wolf2630
Winter Wolf Alpha2931
Young Winter Wolf2020
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