Costumes are equipment and special effects that are used by players, can be purchased at the events Fall Festival (New Brommel) and Gnomekindle (New Koraelia).

Gnomekindle costumesEdit

Is purchased by Dolly Day, only Istarian Express Checks are accepted in trade.

  • Gnomekindle Festival Official Boots
  • Gnomekindle Helper Pants
  • Gnomekindle Helper Shirt
  • Gnomekindle 2007 Holiday Pants
  • Gnomekindle Clause Pants
  • Gnomekindle Clause Shirt
  • 2009 Winner "Pink Ribbons"
  • Gnomekindle 2009 Winner "Snow Time Shorts"
  • Gold Celestial Robes
  • Jasper Celestial Robes
  • Ruby Celestial Robes
  • Pumpkin Pants
  • Sapphire Celestial Robes

Fall Festivall costumesEdit

is purchased by Alistair, coins aren't accepted in trade, only candy.

Gnomian Peppermint Taffy active Ghost Costume

Maggot Chews active Zombie Costume

Covered Chocolate Beetle Legs active Mummy Costume

Hardy Candy active Skeleton Costume

  • Adult Dragon Ghost Costume
  • Adult Dragon Zombie Costume
  • Dryad Female Ghost Costume
  • Dryad Female Mummy Costume
  • Dryad Female Zombie Costume
  • Dryad Male Ghost Costume
  • Dryad Male Mummy Costume
  • Dryad Male Zombie Costume
  • Dryad Skeleton Costume
  • Dwarf Female Ghost Costume
  • Dwarf Female Mummy Costume
  • Dwarf Female Zombie Costume
  • Dwarf Male Ghost Costume
  • Dwarf Male Mummy Costume
  • Dwarf Male Zombie Costume
  • Dwarf Skeleton costume
  • Elf Female Ghost Costume
  • Elf Female Mummy Costume
  • Elf Female Zombie Costume
  • Elf Male Ghost Costume
  • Elf Male Mummy Costume
  • Elf Male Zombie Costume
  • Elf Skeleton Costume
  • Fiend Female Ghost Costume
  • Fiend Female Mummy Costume
  • Fiend Female Zombie Costume
  • Fiend Male Ghost Costume
  • Fiend Male Mummy Costume
  • Fiend Male Zombie Costume
  • Fiend Skeleton Costume
  • Gnome Female Ghost Costume
  • Gnome Female Mummy Costume
  • Gnome Female Zombie Costume
  • Gnome Male Ghost Costume
  • Gnome Male Mummy Costume
  • Gnome Male Zombie Costume
  • Gnome Skeleton Costume
  • Half-Giant Female Ghost Costume
  • Half-Giant Female Mummy Costume
  • Half-Giant Female Zombie Costume
  • Half-Giant Male Ghost Costume
  • Half-Giant Male Mummy Costume
  • Half-Giant Male Zombie Costume
  • Half-Giant Skeleton
  • Human Female Ghost Costume
  • Human Female Mummy Costume
  • Human Female Zombie Costume
  • Human Male Ghost Costume
  • Human Male Mummy Costume
  • Human Male Zombie
  • Human Skeleton Costume
  • Juvenile Dragon Ghost Costume
  • Juvenile Dragon Zombie Costume
  • Saris Female Ghost Costume
  • Saris Female Mummy Costume
  • Saris Female Zombie Costume
  • Saris Male Ghost Costume
  • Saris Male Mummy Costume
  • Saris Male Zombie Costume
  • Saris Skeleton Costume
  • Satyr Female Ghost Costume
  • Satyr Female Mummy Costume
  • Satyr Female Zombie Costume
  • Satyr Male Ghost Costume
  • Satyr Male Mummy Costume
  • Satyr Male Zombie Costume
  • Satyr Skeleton Costume
  • Sslik Ghost Costume
  • Sslik Mummy Costume
  • Sslik Zombie Costume
  • Sslik Skeleton Costume
  • Zombie Costume
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